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13 Jul 2009 - 23:3417222
Experienced photographer needed for LoZ shoot at Aya 09
Heh, what it says on the tin really

Basically us Legend of Zelda cosplayers are all meeting up on the Saturday at Ayacon (time and place TBA) and we need a good photographer for our photoshoot ^^ some previous experience is preferred

If anyone is interested please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated :3

Also, here is our group as follows (in case you want to know the rough size of the group so far):

Ocarina of Time
Link ~ Ryuuza

Majora's Mask
Romani ~ Chibi
Cremia ~ Sensei_Kate
Anju ~ Kyuume
Kafei ~ ?
Happy Mask Salesman ~ Tank

Minish Cap
Dark Link (original design) ~ Lishosaur

Wind Waker
Tingle (x2) ~ Miiol + Kan-chan
Ganon ~ Shinjitodd

Twilight Princess
Wolf Link ~ Sasuke
Final Form Midna (x2) ~ Uni + Red-Magess
Imp Form Midna ~ Egotise
Princess Agitha ~ Mosey
Zelda ~ Keekal
Ordon Link ~ Mr Bass Man
Blue Zelda (original design) ~ Darkerlink

Nabooru/Anju/Malon ~ Gao
Mikau/Red Link/*Secret* ~ Mirrorshield

Shadow Link (which version?) ~ Tk-Hikaru
Zelda (Four Swords) ~ ?

Updated List 14/07/09

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17 Jul 2009 - 11:1417355
Photographer needed
I'd love to do the shoot for you.
I've done a fair few commissions in the past, most of my stuff is up on DA. See what you think :]

Also, a couple of people who booked shoots with me have said that they can't make it, so we can spend as much time as you like making sure everybody gets a decent slot :]

Hope to hear from you soon ^^

17 Jul 2009 - 11:5017356
Ooh very nice gallery you have there ^^

How much would you charge for the shoot, out of interest? I know we'll probably want some group shots, certain game group shots, solo shots and couple shots (for certain characters)

I still don't know a good LoZ style location as I haven't been to Aya before so I'll have to get back to you about that. I'm still trying to get an answer from the group as well about when and where to meet, it'll most likely be at the entrance at some point on the saturday. I'll have to find out what time Masquerade rehearsals are though too as I know some of us have to go to them.

Also we're trying to get a LoZ picnic together either before or after the shoot, so you'd be welcome to come as well if you want ^^

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