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10 Jul 2009 - 20:2217057
October 2009 MCM sunday morning photo sessions.
i'm opening up my sunday morning to do a series of photoshoots because my costume for the day is going to be unbearable thus i'm only wearing it in the afternoon for judging/masquerade.

What you get:

time and quality: 20 min slots with a professional photographer (degree level training). no group too big or small, set price regardless of group.

medium: your choice. i can do 13mp (10.2mp effective) SLR RAW format digital, 6x6 medium format film (colour and black and white) or 35mm film (same options as medium format.

the cameras i use are as follows:-

digital: Nikon D80 digital SLR seen here

Medium format: bronica seen here

35mm: generic minolta 35mm that i hardly use anymore.

i -strongly- recomend digital because the hardcopies can be shared unlike film (film = 1 set of negatives, while digital files can be easily duplicated) also, i can take a lot more images with a digital and not have to worry about film wastage.

the costs:


explaination: film shots have a slightly higher cost because of the extra specialised equiptment used, plus film costs have to be added to the expense. digital has no extra expense because there's no consumables involved.

Digital: £20 per 20 mins. unlimited shots.

Medium format: £25 per 20 mins. first 12 shots free, £5 per further 12 shots.

35mm: £25 per 20 mins. first 32 shots free, £5 per further 32 shots. (yes, i know the avg exp on a film is 36, but i like to accomodate for film start and end errors. you might get an extra 4 shots per roll.)

Printing services:

i have a professional A3+ pigment photoprinter, so all digital shots can be finished and prints made. these come at further cost, but are of excelent quality, and printed on gallery quality paper.

the paper i use is called Fuji hunt professional A3+ satin (A3+ is slightly larger than A3, measuring 483mm x 329mm) i use this paper because it produces really beautiful quality large prints, and the resin layer is fade and waterproof

per print, i will be charging far less than i should ^^;; normal costs would be around the £40 PER PRINT mark, but i will cut that to £17 per print, which covers cost and my time cleaning the shot, printing it and postage costs.

i currently have no way of printing black and white or colour film due to a lack of working equipment (my scanner broke out of old age D: ), but taking any film negatives to a quality photoprinters should get you reasonable quality prints.

sessions will start at 8am and continue untill 1pm in 25 min blocks. (whereupon i will have to go and put my costume on)

8am: Riku206

please post here with time requests so i don't get 20+ PMs requesting the same time.

payments for shoots must be completed by 12am on the 24th of september. payment details will be carried out via PMs to avoid confusion.


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10 Jul 2009 - 20:2817059
Let me have a word with my friend and ill get back to you! i'd love a chance D

11 Jul 2009 - 21:4217128

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