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09 Jul 2009 - 09:0916983
More Howls Moving Castle/Studio Ghibli Cosplayers For May 2010 London Expo

well i think most of you know who i am.. if not.. im Kimi-chan.. *WAVES*.. and well.. i have just formed a new cosplay group by the name of PawPrintProductions (akak.. The P.p.P) ...
and in may we have our first kinda big cosplays and well.. we are looking for any other cosplayers be them Howls Moving Castle, Or any other Studio Ghibli cosplays.. WE WANT YOU!!

well heres the list i have so far ... so give me a message and ill add u to the list, if we get enough.. we really want to do a masquerade performance of some sort.. if not i want to arrange a professional photographer to take some real nice shots of the whole group .....


KyoTheKat (Kimi-chan) - The Moving Castle
Chrissie - Witch Of The Waste
Lee - Cursed Howl (Bird Form)
Jazzy - Normal Howl (Blonde Hair)
emma(luchia) - Sophie
Corinna - markl
Katie - Heen (the Dog)
luna(neko-chan) - Calcifer (imp form)
Grace - Witch Of The Waste Henchman (Blob)

!! My Neighbour Totoro !!

Peter - Totoro (Smiling Version *may have umbrella*)

well if i get any more ill update ... but i think it will be a epic group .. cant wait


P.s - This is for the London MCM Expo May 2010 btw

MADNESS??... U THINK IM MAD.... NO MY MAN.... THIS IS MADNESS !!!! *runs into a wall*
12 Jul 2009 - 14:2017151
Sounds like you've got some very interesting cosplays coming up XD

I spoke to you on the expo forums, saying I'd love to have a bash at Mei. I have no definate plans what so ever for May (except that the FF girls group want me for the masq), so since the costume shouldn't be too hard, I'd love to join your group =D (can't have a lonely Totoro =D)

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