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26 Nov 2007 - 14:461180
Other hobbies
I think it's probably safe to assume that everyone on here considers cosplay a major hobby. But what else to people do with their spare time?

Me, in between cosplay and desperately trying to find more spare time, do the following:

GM a D&D game. I'm not currently playing any games, but I have been known to in the past. I also LARP, which is like D&D but out in the woods with foam swords. I don't do that nearly as much as I used to though.

Read, though my pile of books is getting larger and my time for reading is getting smaller. I do most of my reading while cooking. Generally I read fantasy, but I've read a range of things over the years. I'm also a bit of a Dumas fangirl.

Game. I'm a console gamer rather than a pc gamer, and tend to play RPGs above anything else. I do DDR, though not with any kind of skill

I also write on and off. I'm about 3/4 of the way though a fantasy story that I've been writing for the last 2 years adn I'm up to about 70,000 words. If anyone is interested, it's up on my lj.

So, what do other people do when not up to their eyballs in costume?

26 Nov 2007 - 15:341181
Oh wow! Your so lucky you have the patience to write a book! When I try writing fan-fictions the most I've ever gotten to was 5 chapters! @_@ I seriously have no patience! DX... But anyways... My hobbies includes:

PIANO! <3 Whenever I have time to kill before I go to school I always dash straight to the piano... Same goes for whenever I come home it's not the TV I go to... it's the piano... And if I'm stuck on homework or just plain bored it's the piano I go to xD... Bad thing is I always have to spend at least 20mins before getting off the piano... Though usually I practise for an hour xD; So yeah practically all my time is on the piano! XD [or computer xP] I always love looking on the internet for new sheet music too! =D

Music in general is great... I love playing the piano, guitar, keyboard and singing... though sometimes I just lack music so I don't play them as often ^^;; [I really do get bored very easily that I have to switch to new music constantly]

I also dance in my spare time... Since it's such a pain going up en pointe in ballet I try doing it at home as well sometimes so that I can break them in quicker and so that I get used to the pain [3months of pointework and it STILL hurts! *dies*] And also I like putting on some music and just randomly dancing at times xD... Jazz/modern involves improvisation so there's my reason before you all think I'm wierd xD; [And dancing to Hare Hare Yukai and Motekke! Sailor Fuku is just too fun xP]

I also like to draw in my spare time ^^ Though that's become rare nowerdays because I'm busy doing Art c/w which involves PLENTY of art anyways! D8 I want to go back to drawing my beloved manga arts! T-T Oh and I'm also quite the gamer! X3 Once on the games console I stay on it for 7hrs or something! Unless I get stuck... then I immediately stop the game and go off and do something else xD... But if I'm on a role I won't stop til it's like 11.30pm if it's a school day... I'll stay up all night if it's a weekend! XD

Also the usual anime and manga comes to mind xP... I won't go into that though cause I could right a 7 page essay about it xD... oh and eating and sleeping xP hah hah! XD

26 Nov 2007 - 16:201182
Sleep, mostly. Does that count?

Seriously though, I have a couple. They're fairly standard stuff: I read voraciously (can't be an English student without it), willing to give most genres a try although my preferences are for high-end literature and low-end horror.
I game a bit, though I'm terrible at it. Some PC, some PS2, and loving the DS. Like Ailsa I'm mostly an RPG girl as it's the only thing I can generally do with any competency. Difficult games get given to the boyf so I can watch.
I'm a film buff with an extensively extensive DVD collection - between the books and the DVDs it's amazing there's any space in our bedroom! I love good film, and again will try out most genres though WWII leaves me uncomfortable for personal reasons. Park Chan-Wook, Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick count as favourite directors.
General anime/manga, of course.
I also make sushi now and then, which I'm getting relatively good at! Boyf does most of the cooking as he's amazing at it, but I do the sushi.

26 Nov 2007 - 16:351184
Heheheh Hobbies!

I'm one of these sort of people who has been picking up a new hobby every year since I started university!

Though I have yet to give any up, and really I am having trouble fitting them all in.. Oh well who needs a degree anyway.

I am a cox for my college boatclub, Which involved steering, commanding and encouraging a crew of 8 people in an "eight" rowing boat! This is fun, expecailly when racing, but we train at stupid hours in the morning.. Still I've seen some pretty cool sunrises!

I little over a year ago, I started kendo, and I have been in armour for about 6 months! Nothing better than to take away a stressful day, than to beat people up with a sword! I'm currently a 4th kyu!

And at the beginning of this term, I started ballet! Now I can legitamately prance around like a fool . I am currenly rehersing and for a show in may as well as having my regular lessons. Something of a crash course in ballet ^_^

I game quite alot too, though not as much as i used to. Its the PS2 when I am at home, and the DS when I am at uni!

I wondering what I'll end up taking next year!

26 Nov 2007 - 18:361187
yay i love hobbies.

my main hobbie (which takes up most of my time and money)is gundam models, i started doing this at my first con aya 2005 when i got a master grade wing zero cutsom.

i do freelance design and artwork (its not really a hobbie as i get paid for it but i like to think of it as hobbie)

i game, mostly console and ill play most things but my all time fave game is metal gear soild 3.

its not much but i spend alot of time on each (but i still sort suck at computer games lol)

10 Dec 2007 - 00:401267
I... game.


I have no other hobbies outside of cosplay. O_O;;;

At least, it feels like it. XD I have several smaller hobbies but they pale in comparison to cosplay and gaming. I try to make time to read, write and draw. I'm often up late into the evening RPing, too.

I volunteer at my local hospital in A&E, Paediatrics and the Renal Dialysis Unit, which is fun and quite interesting. :3 But I wouldn't really say that's a hobby.

I used to play drums, but I quit last year after my third band broke up. Not because of that, but simply because I found I was having more fun gaming or cosplaying than drumming, and my kit was collecting dust.

And, like most people, I spend a lot of time online. I mostly just keep up with what friends are doing on LJ or on MSN, now. I used to be a lot more active online, but I've been spending more time gaming recently so that's changing. ^^;;

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10 Dec 2007 - 12:231270
Outside of cosplay I don't do much else xD My main other hobby is ballroom and latin dancing, which I've been doing for around... 6 years now? I'm on my Gold Bar 2 award at the moment. =)

Uhhhhh, I also like doing long-term online roleplay. I'm currently involved in a Harry Potter one on livejournal which is awesome. I stopped roleplaying for a while just before the Harry Potter LJ RP started up, but it ended up bringing my love for RP back, which was great!

I'm a gamer as well xD It's PS2, Wii and DS for me. Just got Super Mario Galaxy today as christmas present from a friend, so there's no doubt I'll be playing that when I get home! xD

27 Dec 2007 - 13:291312
I'm a cheerleading coach and I also cheer on the team myself. I make their uniforms and choreograph all their routines

I love to read and play on my PS2.


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01 Jan 2008 - 17:101335
AH hobbies.

Alas I cannot say cosplay is my top hobby that honour goes to my manga collection lol. That counts as a hobby right. I have so many now that its hard to move around at times in their section of my room as they filled every bookcase now inhabit the floor. My manga collection groes too quickly via ebay and the beutiful store waterstones.

Other major hobbies include the normal Gaming. This is via my Wii, Ps2 , PSP and DS.
Rpg's and shooters are my thing I also have a fundamental love of all resident evil. owning far too much merch. And for online im Dofus crazy even cosplaying one of the classes for mays london expo.

Ialso enjoy Warhammer 40,000 I am a chaos player and have been for years loving the new codex.

CCG'S also my thing Yugioh primarily. I do dabble in magic the gathering, naruto and initial D. The latters I have kind of faded out of but Yugioh is still majorish for me.

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02 Mar 2008 - 19:311822
Yes i have a life outside anime and manga...honest

I have games dyslexia, if such a thing exists, so i spend ages getting hardly anywhere in video games. Then i get bored and give up for a while.

I do ballet and modern dance

err...i used to play clarinet? i gave it up due to boredom. I listen to lots of music though if that makes me seem more musical ^^ and i play the drums xD

I read quite a lot, mainly vampire stories...currently obsessed with the twilight series

and i ski!! which is uberly fun and tends to destroy a part of my body each year...last year 'twas my back ^^

Then i get home, or get bored, and watch anime, or work on my cosplay

10 Mar 2008 - 17:171961
Sewing other stuff, handbags clothes etc. Climbing and mountaineering, marathon running, cycling, shoe shopping, shopping in general, gaming, scouting (I'm a scout leader lol) procrastinating (I'm not really sure if that counts as a hobby, but I do it rather a lot)

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10 Mar 2008 - 17:271964
Uhhhhh hobbies... I draw a LOT and post them on my art gallery.

I have sword commissions, but that's kind of like cosplay so it's not strictly a hobby :\

Some freelance graphic design...

Skateboarding... until I broke my ankle haha!

Seriously though, my current hobbies are drawing, graphic design, and that's it D:

EDIT: Oh and I play a lot of sports, I go to football, badminton, athletics, tennis, and rounders club. I'm on the school badminton team and it's great =)

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥

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10 Mar 2008 - 17:381965
lol i love to draw short fat chibi versions of my sis with her crying lol ... also character designing, comic writing and producing story lines

make upping and face art is one of the newest hobbies that has caught my attention.... i luuuuuv drawing and designing patterns for the face

creating short animations! its the best! but not with animo! lol

Hair dressing and styling lol ... espcially the time when i shaved off all my friends hair lol

playing games and eating is one of the best hobbies you can ever got

one of the best hobbies when i get free time in uni... go to the studio room (there is LOADS of block foam) build a castle or house out of it and go inside and sleep! lol

10 Mar 2008 - 19:331969
Well I'm probably the only non cosplayer who uses the site but as I'm sat with nothing to do I thought I'd contribute to the thread.

One of my key hobbies and my job is freelance web development and so in my spare time I argue... erm work with Kat on Cosplay Island but I get a lot of professinonal paid work.

Gaming is my next big thing, I grew up a PC gamer but am now a console gamer through and through. My real goal is to make games for a living and did make one a few years back called The White Chamber. http://www.studiotrophis.com

I'm generally into anything with a story: books, film, theatre, tv, games, etc...

I can vaguely play drums and can play 1 song on guitar (GitarooMan legendary theme)

Oh yeah I'm very very into vodka.

11 Mar 2008 - 00:081974
I'd say gamer, though only in specific games, namely Roleplay games.

Any. All. Practically all the time.

(I'm actually Roleplaying as I write this post hehe).

I play most variations of Roleplays and love practically all of them:
- Table top games like D&D
- Console games (anything from Hotel Dusk to Suikoden V)
- Msn roleplays
- MMORPGs (though not so much recently as I have yet to find any decent ones that are *free* and have a strict RP server)
- MUD/MUSH (God I spent most of my GCSEs on these things! Lol)
- Internet roleplays (even my own roleplay website me and a bunch of mates set up! - Here's the website if you're interested:The Sakura Kingdom *winkwinknudgenudge* )

And a heck of a lot more. I don't actually know how many I am involved in, and I have far too many characters to count ^^; But I'm always up for fun and interesting RPs! Nothing has stopped me yet! So if you guys have any to suggest just drop me a PM!

Alright, aside from RPs I have a couple of other hobbies, mostly writing, I adore to write, mostly novels, and most of which are completely random and bizzare. Am currently writing two novels. One of which throws the whole generic fantasy genre into turmoil (its a comedic fantasy and the main character the so-called 'hero' is a germaphobe), while my other is based in a paralell universe of 1911 where hats determine the class stucture and order society. ^^; Strange I know, but they make sense to me. Am up to about 40,000 words in both, though I am nowhere near finished yet!

Um... I'm studying films, so I tend to watch LOOOOOOADs of films if I can help it. I'm usually very good at not interrupting them now with general film knowledge, though sometimes just to annoy people its fun to go and say: "Oh yeah, Disney's Pinnochio is evil by the way" Haha! But most often I'm found watching one film or other ^^ I tend to like most films, so it isn't that hard to please me at all with them hehe.

Walking/Mountain Climbing/Camping/Absailing/Caving/Pot Holing - general outdoor-sy adventure stuff. I love that kinda thing, it makes me think I'm in some kinda fantasy film when we do it. Rock Climbing is so much fun, and I love leaning back over the edge of something and absailing down. I haven't done much Pot Holing or Caving, but once I finish Uni I plan on going on long trips of these sorts of things as I love them so much! Also me and my dad are planning to make trips to Mt. Evarest in Nepal as soon as my Uni year is over, so I can't wait to start up on these hobbies again!

[Edit] Forgot to add Drawing! I'm not a very good artist mind, but I like my setches anyway. I have two main drawing styles, my American-Anime style (don't ask lol) and my cartoony style. The cartoony one is far simpler to draw, but sometimes I prefer to do the more complicated American-Anime style because I just *love* to draw FOLDS! I know it sounds weird but if you see my drawings you'll know what I mean Any excuse to draw folds and I love it lol hehe.

That's most of it I think. Aside from cosplaying obviously ^^ But we're not including that at the moment.

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.

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11 Mar 2008 - 07:251976
Monkey, when do you sleep

11 Mar 2008 - 07:541977
For me, it's actually the other way round... Cosplay (and as a result, prop making) is my new found hobby ^^;

Before I got into cosplay, I draw~ I still do but unfortunately, spare time is very limited nowadays because of work... I have drawn a lot of fanart and am currently trying to expand my "collection" of original designs...

Other than drawing, I game!!! That's probably a pretty obvious one seeing that all my cosplays so far are game characters XD

Oh, cannot forget eating and sleeping~ <--- loves to eat and sleeps too much

11 Mar 2008 - 11:111980
Ailsa-chan I have very odd sleeping patterns ^^ hehe.

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.
11 Mar 2008 - 12:151983
hmm my hobbies o.O

Well firstly has to be Art. I love drawing, painting, photography and creating video performance art.

writting my comic (it's been going on for 7 years now) and it's ever evolving. Though I really love how it's shaped up to being now.

Going dancing up in London to Slimelights.

Singing/learning Bass and Guitar. Reforming my techno metal band over the summer. Yay!

Oh and become recently intrested into looking to trying to improve my photography skills to take photos of Cosplays.

I was heavily into skateboarding awhile ago, but sadly the day I begun to like dresses, was the day I gave it up. Even though I got told I could of taken it up to the semi-proffesional league.

before uni I use to go to singing and dancing lessons and also did samurai sword practicing lessons XD but I was poo and gave up.

15 Sep 2008 - 13:486128
Hobbies...hmm let me see.

I play Ice Hockey,like to read Stargate novels and transscripts,sometimes paint warhammers and i can't think of anything else lol.

I like to play on the computer too.

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16 Sep 2008 - 07:586156
hmmm, I have a few hobbies at the mo while I'm not working.

Drawing, this I try and do at least a couple times a week. I used to be able to complete a large piece of artwork in a day but since I've been ill that hasn't happend so i'm trying to get back into it.

Bo-jitsu, I used to do this as part of my Stunt person training over 10 years ago. I know just do this on occasion to keep my body in shape.

Archery, Not been able to do this since I've moved would love to start it again.

RPG and figure painting. I used to do this alot in the mid 80's. Now I just dabble in the odd figure painting and converstion. i have made nearly all of the Soulcalibur 1 characters in 35mm.

Films, I love watching films. I try to go to the cinema when ever I can.

PLayig the violin, I love creating music. I used to play drums and have been in five bands. Since I sold my drum kit I got a violin and I'm currantly learnin how to play.

Dining out, I love to eat out in resuratnts. Especaily Italian ones. Its my favourite food.

pc and console gaming, yes I am a gaming nerd!! *bounces*. Currantly I'm glued to Sims2 as I've got the mesh building program and I'm building sims from complete scratch.


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26 Sep 2008 - 12:456432
I'm my spare time I write a GLBT* webcomic called Khaos. I also play children's card games (*cough* yugioh) and spend far too much time reading gay porn on the internet.

The rest of the time it's costumes. Though I work full time, so everything's a bit of a squeeze.


26 Sep 2008 - 13:306433

reading, playing pc games, console games too if my aunt lets me sue her consoles lol

what else... drawing... hanging with friends... generaly i will try anything twice (cus u never know if u like it the first time round)

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26 Sep 2008 - 14:126435
Aside from cosplay I don't think I do much else.

I sleep, a lot. But thats not really a hobby (though its always good!)

I've recently taken an interest in photography, and I'm really glad I did because I love doing it. It really gives me an excuse to leave the house (which is a difficult thing to make me do sometimes) and wander around places I keep meaning to, but never do. Like the cemetary near my house. I'm hoping to have a good enough grip on my camera by the Expo in October so I can get good photos of as many people as possible.

I like to play videogames. Mostly PS2, DS and PSP. I'm more a handheld gamer now, but sometimes I do sit down and have a PS2 session for a few hours or days. I mostly play RPGs, and watch my brother play the shooting games and stuff. I'm getting a 360 later this year for Fable 2 and also for Viva Pinata 2. Just because!

I love to sing. I mostly do it at home, when no one else is around, because I freak out when I'm caught singing by people. Its mostly show tunes and Disney songs on my iPod, along with a lot of instrumental music and sound tracks to films and the like. I don't rate the music of recent years, so its rare to find me up to speed with the latest manufactured "sensation".

I write on occasion, usually short stories or "drabbles" about my own characters. I've been planning a book for the past seven years or so, but have yet to write one word of it. This is why I have a bad memory, I swear, its because my head is filled to the brim with random ideas and plot lines for these characters!

These characters are also often drawn, and equally so, often the butt of my designing aspiration. I like to sit and design clothing some times. And cause of cosplay, I actually have the ability to bring some of the ideas to light.

So yes... thats pretty much all I do as hobbies. Not as extensive as others (and notice the distinct lack of exercise related hobbies! XD) I'm rambled enough! *scurries off*

26 Sep 2008 - 15:106436
DRAWING....i draw all the time! I love creating styles, experimenting with different medias or drawing deatailed layouts of cosplays, even if i do not plan to make them.
This also leads onto my hobby of collecting Art/Film books and staring at them for hours, especially storyboards + Scripts.

I am a movie fanatic as well, popping along to cinema's as much as possible, This summer alone i'v been around 10 times.
Another hobby is Meditation, i go to Buddhist classes during University term time and Meditate at least once a day for a minium of 15 mins.

Oki Doki Loki~
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