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03 Jul 2009 - 21:3816670
Ferngully Cosplay Group LFCC
Yeah I've decided to cosplay crysta from Ferngully at LFCC and it would be awesome to have some others doin it with me

So yeah main cast list:

Hexxus (good luck with that xD) :

Crysta: OrgXIII-Namine




If there are any other characters nd you have a picture of them let me know and I'll add them to the list ^..^

I really do hope I get a Pips or Zak so I can get some really nice pics with them 8D

03 Jul 2009 - 23:2116675


Fern Gully was my favourite film of all time when I was little! I still really like it today! It's the reason I want to name a son Zack if I have one. Oh, if I was going to LFCC I would SO come as Batty. But alas, I am not

I would, however, love to see pictures, if you wouldn't mind uploading them when you've been.

04 Jul 2009 - 20:0316702
Awww thats so cute, and I do agree Fern Gully is such a awesome film

D8 I wish you was coming LFCC, it would of been so epic to have you as Batty~!

I shall deffo be uploading pics 8D

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