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02 Jul 2009 - 13:2916624
How to make fish scales?
Does anyone know of a way to create fish scales that can be applied to the face? I'm after creating some for a costume for next May, but need plenty of time to practice with them. I've thought of painting them on, sealing them with barrier spray and leaving it at that, but i'd really prefer them to be 3-D rather than flat, like a prosthetic. I've thought of looking for ones made out of latex, but am buggered if I know anywhere that does such a thing!

Any help or ideas on where to buy them or how to make them would be really appreciated. :3


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02 Jul 2009 - 13:3716625
I'm happy to do prosthetic work if you're interested. I can just make you a cast sheet of prosthetics that would have your face measurements and you would apply that on with prosthetic adheasive.

PM me with some further details on what you exactly want and I can explain the different options that I can make and quote you for them.

For examples of my prosthetic work please see my Ed costume


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