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01 Jul 2009 - 00:2516568
Selling hand made Bleach Shinigami Uniform
i'm going to sell the Bleach uniform i hand made (worn for Soi Fon at may expo 09) for £40.It cost me £60 in total to make.It comes with 1 black hakama (a proper authentic looking one with ties and pleats), 1 black kimono, 1 white under kimono and 1 white sash. Its perfectly wearable but has a couple of small cosmetic faults that bugs the perfectionist in me.Let me know if youre interested or want more details and if you want photo close ups of the bits in general or the cosmetic faults im on about then ill send some to you!In fact some of you will already have seen them cause i was pointing the out at expo!lol!It is a unisex uniform as you should all know and im pretty tall for a girl 5,8" in fact so it may fit some of you boys as well!Just check my profile for a quick glance of the cosplay.

Thinking nefarious thoughts...
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