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30 Jun 2009 - 17:0516551
Rose - The Legend of Dragoon (coronet and wig issues)
Anyone know how to get a coronet/headpiece on UNDER a super long wig? It's really frustrating me. From the pictures I have up you can't see the back, but I put two holes in the back so the ends would tie up nice and tight. Ideas anyone?

I have a couple of pictures under the costume header on my profile of the wig and the coronet, but you can see from my signature picture there how it's meant to be.

I've tried several ways already but it doesn't seem to want to sit right without hurting my ears or slipping down. It'd sit more or less right on a scrunchy with my hair tied up, but then tends to push the wig off.


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04 Jul 2009 - 00:4216680
Rose!! *sigh* Legend of Dragoon is so underrated- this is a cosplay I've always wanted to do. I might have to make a deal with the devil and cosplay Shana as silver and turquoise is love and I could probably pull her off.... *drifts off to dreamland* OH RIGHT, costume help ^^

Ah this was a problem I have with my Zelda crown and wearing large elf ears at the same time :/ I'll have an experiment this weekend and see if I can find you a way around the problem.I would say the best way would be to get it all in the right position and glue the coronet to the wig but that's a really good way to ensure screwing up if you ask me. What is the coronet mounted on? Is it that it's too thick being the problem?

xx Tetra xx
04 Jul 2009 - 15:4416689
I don't know if anyone else is doing Shana because there are two people I met at the May expo who said they might do Dart and Shana together (as they're a couple in real life) - they tend to get dragged into groups though so I have NO idea if it's happening or not with them.

If you don't mind doing the same thing I guess it's not a problem though. ^_^'

Wouldn't mind a Miranda and/or Meru though.
I might have an Albert, but it depends if my friend who's a full time chef gets the time to do it!


*PMs you*


I won't attach the coronet to the wig anyway. It's a good quality one. It wouldn't work I don't think anyway.
It is too thick to pull through, but I can't pull it up from underneath either, it sits all wrong, because if I have it where it's comfortable it pushes the wig off. Having it under means it falls down because it's too loose or it's rather uncomfortable and hurts my ears.

I HAVE discerned that adding hair extensions on to the wig may work. Putting the wig on with extensions, lowering the coronet over my head loosely, pulling the extensions up and then tightening it before lowering them again.

What do you think?


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04 Jul 2009 - 19:5216700
This may be completly unhelpful, but have you considered putting like either a bit of ribbon or a hair band across the top of it, so it stays up? you said it slipped down and hurt your ears under the wig?

For my Stein bolt, i just attatched them to a hairband and threaded it through the wig netting, then reassembled the other side xD If you do go for that idea, I'd suggest getting something pretty flexible, as I used a rigid plastic hairband and my head stung after a day of it digging in where it'd slipped >.<

04 Jul 2009 - 20:1216704
Not with the way I've made the coronet.
Thanks though.

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