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26 Jul 2007 - 01:2338
Super Special Awesome Intro post!
I'm Raine~ magical, magical Raine.. only not.. I'm known as Toad and FunkyFunkyUsopp... yeah I'm o a huge X-men kick -shurgs-

I'm into anime, manga, cosplay, x-men, comics, horror, well abit of everything.

I'm a gothic lolita [meaning it's not cosplay to me]

and yeah... it's about time the UK got a site like this, much love <3

26 Jul 2007 - 01:3741
Well, that'd make this a Super Awesome Reply! I lost my special powers a while back, sorry Welcome!

I adore the gothic lolita style, but would never wear it - I'm too much of a tom-boy XD I love seeing people in the attire though.

I hope you like the site - yeah I know its been a long time coming, took me several years to get off my bum and try and learn programming, even then I turned to someone else to do the hard bits!

Anway, I'll leave you to browse the site, let us know what you think in the feedback forum if there's anything that springs to mind

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