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06 Jul 2009 - 22:0116836
okie cokie, ill make it like that then !, althou now i have to find what iron maiden jeannes chasity belt key looks like as apparently he has it on his shoulder pad

07 Jul 2009 - 03:2716842
hmmm i was thinking guys, for the amecon omake should we all team up and do a full cast shaman king sorta skirt comedy thing. as a big group together as saturday is the masquerade for small groups and single cosplayers to show off there costumes were as the omake is for performances so might go down well considering we have alot of the cast?

07 Jul 2009 - 12:5916860
The problem with massive groups in the Omake is that you don't get enough mics and there seems to be too much going on at once. It's the reason that he Team Rocket skit of Ame08 dropped out. You couldn't hear them at all in rehearsal.

I think if we were all to go into the Masquerade in Teams it would be cool. For example, Yoh, Anna and Manta. Then Horohoro, Ren and Ryu etc. So we have a large group but not all at once.

07 Jul 2009 - 13:1216861
Quote Demented Kid:
Quote kitty_yachiru:
i go away for one night and i miss out on the hotpants!!

reiss if you can be a cockroach, you sure as hell can do battle marco XD
i would LOVE to see it done XD

oooh, im going to be making a bigger and better scythe! this time it wont be so dam flimsy ¬¬
im also tempted to do a bullet wound on my forhead XD
not a real bullet.....

YAY! Two scythes will be waving about. Though I'm veeeery tempted to try and make a Marionette Frankensteiny. XD

If anyone tries to shoot yuo, I shall protect you! D: *Clings to my Eliza*

aww, frankensteiny is so cute x3
are you going to make faust have the freaky dog legs costumes, or normal legs like in the anime?

i just rememberd, poor eliza says hardly anything in both the manga and anime XD i think all she says is
'with you faust i will go anywhere'
bless <3

~smarter than your average idiot!~
07 Jul 2009 - 14:1116863
I think the idea of an Omake performance is awesome *_*

With so many characters we could do something like, Shaman King in 3 minutes or something. Then we could have people going on and off stage without mass chaos, maybe?

The other problem aside from mics is practising though. With so many of us it's going to be mighty hard to organize plus we all live in various parts of the UK so it's be difficult to all meet up. To reach an agreement on what to do with 20+ people will be bloody difficult too [that being said the Hetalia group in the May Expo had over 20 people, HMMMM...]

TL;DR: Omake would be cool, but difficult to organize!
I like to ramble 8P

07 Jul 2009 - 15:0216865
Awww i would of loved to do an omake it would of been jokkkes ):

07 Jul 2009 - 15:1016867
welll fi i guess the upside to it is before amecon we have
midlands expo
(any inbetween con)
then amecon and im positive that all of us are going to more than one of those

07 Jul 2009 - 15:2616869
True true! I didn't think about that. I'm not going to Alcon buuut I am going to all those other cons/expos you've mentioned plus May Expo and maaaybe Bristol Expo if we can afford it [and whether they have that registering system again ¬_¬].

Have to check if everybody is actually interested in a skit first though.

07 Jul 2009 - 15:3116870
Quote kitty_yachiru:

aww, frankensteiny is so cute x3
are you going to make faust have the freaky dog legs costumes, or normal legs like in the anime?

i just rememberd, poor eliza says hardly anything in both the manga and anime XD i think all she says is
'with you faust i will go anywhere'
bless <3

Well, technically Faust is the same in the Manga and anime XD But I'm doing the when you first meet him outfit~ Will likely do Dog legs at some point as well =O

I'm surprised she doesnt say anything more later on since her soul comes back thanks to Anna o-o (That's not even a spoiler cause was in the anime toooooo)

Yay skit talks =O


07 Jul 2009 - 15:4216872
lmao patch rap
were patch
were the real deal
we watch over shaman fights
sometimes it can be so unreal
haos so scary even we have sleepless nights
we sell our native trinkets in the streets
even tho humans sometimes start up fights
Word patch LMAO OK YES it was terrible but you can see were im going something silly

07 Jul 2009 - 16:5416875
I don't mind working on something if something will definitely happen. The main problem will be people dropping out nearer the time due to lack of money or other ungodly things that life likes to throw in the way.

But hey, if I can write a yugioh skit and rehearse it at 1am before the Ame08 Omake then it can be done!!!

We shall have to have discussions of plot in seekrit somewhere

07 Jul 2009 - 17:0216876
We could try and get a basic plot and script together, then 2-3 months before Ame or something if anybody drops out then we can adapt it. That way we'd have plenty of practise and ideas floating around and we will still be prepared for any drop outs.

And no way, your YGO skit was done the night before!? It was epic! Loved it to pieces *_* It's hard to believe it was done at the last minute =O

07 Jul 2009 - 17:0816877
Yeah I think that sounds like a good plan ^^ We can have a Funbari Springs Writing Committee!! (<- likes having committees)

Yeah was totally last minute! Was originally written for A Marik, Duke and a Bakura but our Bakura got ill. We rewrote the entire thing the night before. Originally Marik and Bakura were idiots! We were petrified since we were on straight after 'That man!'

07 Jul 2009 - 17:2416878
To discuss plot in secret, how about we meet at Fuyucon? I know not everybody can make it but I know quite a lot of us are attending so we could discuss is there then ask everybody else whether it's a good idea or not. That or we set up a private forum elsewhere to discuss it xD Or we just discuss it here and hope nobody peeps in XDD Oooor we could do all three! 8D [Maybe not...]

Yaay, Funbari Spirits Writing Committee! I too like having committees 8D

And shame Bakura was ill, it would have been amusing to see Marik and Bakura as idiots hurrr >8D Least it all worked out in the end~

07 Jul 2009 - 18:1816883
Erm.. you could do a skit around Anna forcing people to work out XD like...a macho competition XD

sorry im going off into fangirl land XD

~smarter than your average idiot!~
07 Jul 2009 - 18:2516886
that would be funny then the patch could be all serious and be like the next shaman fight blah blah then next minute u know shes gotten all them doing it aswell

07 Jul 2009 - 18:4816890
You could make a forum so everyone can put their ideas in the cooking pot. Really I doubt people would be continually going on the boards just to see the masq ideas XD


08 Jul 2009 - 02:2216918
Aw. My Anna braclet broke after a particularly zealous Motekke Sailor Fuku at Bristol Cosplay Club Night. Now I need a new one. /random

17 Jul 2009 - 09:1617354
Sorry, I've been rather silent guys, I've been lurking in the background reading posts like THE GRUMPY REN I AM >D
(also read as: been at work for like a week non-stop D= )

I'm so glad this is going sooo well! Everyone has had some great ideas too 8D

I made a thread on the dA page for people to start throwing in their ideas on the Omake, so feel free to go raid there with your crazy plans~!

Personally, I'd love the idea of a mini Fuyucon meet for those that are already planning to attend, just so those of us who haven't met before can just at least see each others faces ^^
It wouldn't be anything heavy, so those not attending wouldn't miss out on too much, but it would be nice to do one of the evenings, perhaps? Casual SK cosplay ftw? =)

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17 Jul 2009 - 13:0817359
How about a huge msn convo with everyone as well?
So that those not going to Fuyucon know whats happening?

Pathetic Cuteness - the all new genre
21 Jul 2009 - 20:3217510
The problem with a mass MSN convo is everybody being unable to go online at the same time as everyone else... and also crashing people's computers because I know some tend to fail [my laptop included - main reason why I use the computer now!] when the conversation gets too hectic ^^;

Not all discussion is going to be at Fuyucon mind you. Majority is likely to be held online and then final plans will be made IRL or something by gathering everybody's ideas together then contacting everybody to check if the final plan is alright or not then we'll to tweaks and stuff~

Hope that made sense? I fear my tiredness after a 20hr coach journey may be getting to my wording 8D;;

22 Jul 2009 - 16:2517543
How about a private facebook group/event?
that way you can post on the board and stuff, and even email users in mass amount and you cant join/post/read anything unless your added?

~smarter than your average idiot!~
10 Sep 2009 - 09:0219490
Bumping for justice!
is anyone here going to the london expo in october?
if so, anyone in shaman king cosplay?
i started work today on a new scythe for eliza <3
i'll post pics soon ^^

hope alls well xxx

~smarter than your average idiot!~
10 Sep 2009 - 20:2919520
Woohoo! Justice! 8D

Quite a lot from our SK family are going to Expo sooo I'm sure there will be some joining you! : D
I'm being a traitor and going to Fuyu... Am being even more of a traitor by NOT cosplaying from Shaman King!! *shot*

Oh yes, we've had new people wanting to join since the last time I updated the front page. We now have a Tamao, Matilda and Kororo, yay! Funbari-spirits has a Marco too, but I don't think he's going to Amecon ;_;

(That's a point - Funbari-spirits needs a YOH! XD)

18 Sep 2009 - 15:5619810
How can we not have a Yoh yet?! DDD=

I'm going to Fuyucon too, unfortunately! As planned though, we'll still be holding a mini-meet there on one of the evenings if anyone's interested =)

If someone wants to do the organising, you guys could easily get together an MCM meet too? Just so we can all meet face to face! (Then we could web-link the Fuyu and MCM groups, lolleries 8D)

I'm hopefully putting together a casual Ren cosplay for the Fuyu meet (considering a cross-dress version too ;D). Really excited~! <3

Oh, and I'm quite liking the idea of a Facebook group... how many of you guys use Facebook, just so I know whether it's worth pursuing or not?

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