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26 Jun 2009 - 12:0316191
Hey there folks, just a quick one here.

What makeup would you reccomend to make your skin look paler? For a Gothic/Vampiric look?

Would possibly have to be something that could deal with the heat of a bar or something.

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26 Jun 2009 - 12:1516192
When I did Luke's Medicine Seller makeup I used a combination of pale liquid foundation and white moisturiser (use a q-tip to transfer them each from the containers to your fingertips and blend them gently before applying it to your face), then used pressed white eyeshadow to set it. I was going for a naturalistic look and I'm not sure it came out quite as pale as I'd have liked but if I'd had more time to experiment with it it probably would have come out better. This technique will probably work better if you're a bit pale naturally, though.

Alternatively you could look into the various shades of Ben Nye or Kryolan face paint that are out there - a light application of pale grey or off-white would probably get the effect you want, and Kryolan's Aquacolor range does stay on very well.

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26 Jun 2009 - 13:0516193
I acheive a near-white which will hold under limited amounts of stress by using white pressed powder- stargazer stuff works well. Mix it into a thin paste with a little water and then blend it all over your face in layers until you get the thickness you want, and then use some of the dry powder to blot over your face and seal it. You can get a geisha type white if you put enough on. It's flexible so you don't have to stop yourself from pulling facial expressions, however it won't handle getting wet so too much sweat could get rid of it. However I've spent my time partying in it and it works just fine ^^

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26 Jun 2009 - 14:1716197
I second the stargazer foundation, my geisha makeup trails were done with one layer and some translucent power, and it stayed put quite nicely

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26 Jun 2009 - 23:1216253
My brother has the Stargazer whiterning powder for his Sweeney Tood and its excellent. He used it on me for my Prince Nuada make-up.

28 Jun 2009 - 18:2416397
Stargazer is really good! I also need to recomment Snazaroo facepaint!

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