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22 Nov 2007 - 13:531146
Boot Covers?
ok Im making a rather odd pair of boots Im working on at the moment of Hideyoshi Toyotomis from Samurai Warriors and wondered if anyone had any good advice as Im having

Heres a few pictures of him (large images)

There not actually boots, as he his little plimsole type monkey fur shoes which I have no problem with making. My dilema are the shinguards. Ive looked at numerous boot cover tutorials but most are for stretchy or light weight materials. Hideyoshis shinguards are fairly solid so shouldnt really have any creases in them and also allow me to tuck the trousers into them. I was considering making them out of some sort fo stretchy material but they have all that gold detailing down the middle which looks quite solid so I dont know if that would hold its weight.
I started making patterns out of leather and started to stitch them but its really hard and is breaking all of my needles (lol!). I also dont know how to attach them, I'd have them as wrap arounds so make them out of one piece, but what should i use to secure them? i was considering velcroe, or hook and eye!

any suggestions would e greatly appreciated! and also how to add the solid gold details and the little delicate details? fabric paint, and crat foam, Im thinking!
thank you!!!

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22 Nov 2007 - 16:041147
Bah! Dont know if its just my computer, but none of the images are working for me. (And google isn't being very helpful...) So this next paragraph may be completely irrelevant if the picture I have in my mind of what you are trying to accomplish is wrong

The only thing similar to this that I've done is making odd leg-armour for a previous costume. It doesn't cover the entire lower leg like you need, but it needed to be slightly stretchy, yet solid enough to stay in shape. I used funky foam to make the base, and then sewed the stretchy material on top. If you do this, I found that using spraymount to hold the fabric temporarily while you sew (pinning doesn't really work with funky foam) worked pretty well. It only creased slightly after several hours of wear where the armour was joined to the shoes.

Or if you want to only use material - if leather is proving too thick to sew, you could try a lighter material and use really heavy interfacing?

Velcro and poppers are my friends XD I'd say velcro if you can hide it easily enough, it also enables you to adjust them slightly, if for some reason you change the trousers you are using, or something.

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23 Nov 2007 - 07:291154
For Fran's leg armour I used leatherette and to make the details I stuck string adn washers on and then covered the whole thing in latex and paint.

If you're having problems sewing leather, you can try leather needles, though I've always had more luck with demin ones (they jsut seem to be a bit stronger).

24 Nov 2007 - 13:571167
with the solid gold details
i find there are two methods for gold detailing

1 super expensive amazing way simply stencil it and stick gold leaf on for detailing

2 use thin white craft foam or eva plastic thn cut detailed shapes with craft knife scapel etc then paint gold with your chosen shade

3 say you have weapon details or boots with detailing on cover in sculp or fimo clay then stamp or cut shapes out and bake then apply paint (this way is good for swords dunno about boots but i hear good things)

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03 Dec 2007 - 21:281236
thank you everyone so so much for your help, its been really useful!

i ended up using bukrum for the shell of the boots to make a wrap around sort of shin guard that had one join down the inside leg. I then covered the bukrum with leatherette which i could stretch over any joins or bends in the bukrum.

Its worked really well so far! i just need to add the gold details and the raised gold detail.

no doubt il be bugging you all again with more problems of this costume haha! thank you so much everyone!

My God. Its full of stars
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