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22 Jun 2009 - 08:5315987
Cosplay Gathering in Norwich
My friends and I are heading up to Norwich this Friday (the 26th) in costume for a mini gathering and would love it if other cosplayers could join us! XD
Anyone is welcome to turn up and hang out, we'll hopefully be taking lots of photo's too XD
If anyone is interested they can turn up any time from 9am onwards, we'll be meeting up outside The Forum (the building that houses the Millenium Library)

We'd really like it if more people come, because the more, the merrier. We hope to see you all there!

26 Jun 2009 - 16:1316209
Gah! I live just outside Norwich and alas! I'm busy today.
Do you live near Norwich at all?

Look for a group called AniMedia Norwich on Facebook. I created it myself a few days ago for anyone and everyone in the East Anglia region. We want to push for as long as we can to get a convention happening in the region at some point (have to start somewhere).

I've been looking for like-minded individuals who live nearby who I might be able to meet with sometimes. ^_^'

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