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19 Nov 2007 - 23:021115
Wig dilemmas..
Hello! I'm having a little bit of a dilemma regarding wigs, so here goes. I've had endless problems with this hairstyle, and if I buy another wig for it it'll be my 5th wig just for this character.

Firstly, this is a reference of Kurumi, the character I'm going to be cosplaying. She's got a lot of hair, so I don't want to have a thin wig or a short wig because that'd look downright silly. This is the wig I'm now considering buying. Or I can try to combine 2 existing wigs, are made up of a light pink "Amanda" wig (for the ponytail) and a pink "Alicia" wig (for the main wig, fringe, eartails etc).

The first option, buying a new wig, involves me combining the 2 pigtails into 1 long ponytail and possibly lengthening the eartails on the shorter wig. I'm not sure how easy this would be without it looking dodgey though, considering I've only ever styled 1 wig before (and that was just a fringe) it'd probably be noticeable. I think it would be a lot easier to wear though - especially since the short wig is already a short wig rather than me trying to shorten one.

My second idea is to use the wigs I already have (pink Amanda and Alicia wigs). They're slightly different colours but it's hardly noticeable so I think that's alright, plus they're far more workable lengths. But if I *do* use my existing wigs, I need a good way to cut down and then attach the ponytail piece from the Amanda wig to a clip from the original wig with scalp etc, cut down my Alicia wig so it's shorter and more suitable and then clip the extension to the shorter wig without it looking like a botch job or without it being too obvious. It will be covered by a large red bow at the back join though where it'll be clipped so hopefully it won't be too obvious unless you're checking it up-close.

Any suggestions about this would be awesome - I've not really done any major styling before and while I don't actually like wearing wigs it'd be a great help to get this one sorted for when I finally make the cosplay to go with it.

Thanks in advance!

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20 Nov 2007 - 17:421129
I think combining the Amanda and Alicia wigs would be best since that'll give you a thicker result, a longer ponytail, and save you money since you already own them!

As for attaching the Amanda wig as a ponytail, no idea what the best way is, but I have some thoughts:

I think it'll be easiest, and also preserve the amount of fibre, if you keep the Amanda wig intact. Or at least try that initially. You may need to fold the cap section of it a bit to hide the fact it is a wig, and make sure none of the mesh shows, but it should be fine.

If that's not working out though, it might be best to chop up the wig, and work with sections of wefts instead. You should be able to cut apart the wig and preserve the wefts, then sew those around a stub (see below) or glue/sew them into a ponytail fall. If you look up hair falls, you can get an idea of the methods of creation and attachment used for those, which could be helpful for what you're trying to do.(Cosworx has clip-on and drawstring falls, for example)

If you're prepared to try pulling the Alicia wig into a ponytail, you can stub it, then glue and/or sew the Amanda wig to the stub.

If you want to leave the Alicia wig loose and save yourself some effort, you could still sew the wigs together, or perhaps use clips. If you put clips, ribbons or something through the mesh of both wigs, which can hold up quite well. Even safety pins are something...

Really I think the best thing is to experiment and try out whatever you can think of. Hope some of those suggestions are a start! Also, I imagine the Amanda wig will be pretty heavy and make it awkward to wear, so as well as trying different attachments methods, try positioning the ponytail differently, since how and where it's balanced on your head can make quite a difference comfort-wise

23 Nov 2007 - 05:201152
Making the ponytail at the back is a lot easier than you would think! I did it to put a fake pony tail in my friend's real hair and it was not difficult at all, it literally took 10 minutes.

First of all, use the Alicia wig as your 'base' wig. To make the ponytail what you need is a long piece of extension hair rather than another wig, i.e. a length of hair attached onto a mesh at the end. Something like this except a big longer and thicker, i.e. the kind of extension which a hairdresser normally sews or glues into people's hair.

It's also possible to find a longer version of this kind of extension in some afro hair shops. Failing that, you could even make your own extension by cutting lengths of hair off the Amanda wig and sewing them onto a mesh or series of combs, however I imagine this would be quite time-consuming. Another idea is to buy a couple of extension pieces and use them both for extra thickness.

Anyway, here's how to make the ponytail: first, take a fairly thick section of hair from the back of the wig and tie it into the ponytail. Next, take the extension piece and simply wrap it around the base of the ponytail several times to make the ponytail thicker and longer! Simply secure with lots of hairgrips then sew it securely onto the wig.

In order to hide the join you take a section of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the join and pin into place. Alternatively you can wrap a pink ribbon around it instead. You may find there are some gaps in the wig hair where you've pulled it into a ponytail. This probably won't be an issue since you're using a high-quality wig but anyway you can hide this by brushing the hair over it or even sewing some left-over extension into the wig to hide the gaps.

And voila! You have your wig! The only problem with this style is that it will probably be very heavy and pull down at the back. However this is bound to happen no matter what technique you use to attach the ponytail. The best advice I can give is to make sure it's held onto your head with lots and lots of hairgrips, especially around the ponytail area.

p.s. I'm unsure whether stubbing would work well with this technique. Because although I'm no wig expert (unlike Katie Baird) and yes, having a stub would distribute the weight more evenly across the wig, this technique is more like adding length and thickness to an existing ponytail, so stubbing might counteract that effect...hmm...

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23 Nov 2007 - 05:291153
OK it show's you how to make the extension piece here. Once again, Katie Bair to the rescue!

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