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08 Jul 2009 - 10:2816934
i say either colchester of chelmsford...
mainly because theres a bus to colchester from here, and also its only 2 stops to colchester/ 3 to chelmsford by train for me XD

oh, im happy taking photographs if people like, i get camera shy XD

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09 Jul 2009 - 19:2017011
Hey guys, join up on http://animedia-east.webs.com
It's for: a.) cosplayers/convention-goers in East Anglia, and b.) anyone else who's interested.
It's a new site I made as well as the group on Facebook.

I want to have it grow with people from all over the place - especially in East Anglia obviously - and there's even a forum. So, what I can do is create an area of the forum for every area of East Anglia, and a general area for bigger meets as well that we can hopefully all take advantage of.

There's not a great deal of information on the site right now, but I need people like you guys to make it grow!


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09 Jul 2009 - 22:2117016
Quote angel aiko:

however looking at the map of essex chelmsford seems to be most central?

I work there so easy for me to get to lol 25 min train journey from home.
Could go to Hylands Park in Chelmo? Not sure if there's a bus there from town or something though...

09 Jul 2009 - 22:2517017
wooo, im in essex too!!!

Live in a town called tillingham, im about 25 mins away from chelmsofrd

09 Jul 2009 - 22:3017018
Quote Deathtripp:
Hey! I live in Essex too...cept I'm kinda a bit further away than everyone else...I live kinda near Southend-end-on-sea..

i swear i recognize you?!!

i went to southend collage, did you go there too??!!

12 Jul 2009 - 05:1617141
Either Colchester or Chelmsford is fine by me, obviously Colchester would be easy since I live there, but Chelmsford would require a train journey which isn't a problemo either.

Looking forward to when we get things going!

Ricky "Son" Gopaul, also known as Little Emerald.
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14 Jul 2009 - 21:1317254
If there's anything I can add to the website guys, let me know. I have a forum set up on there (if you go there or on members you can click to join) as well. For anyone who might not have seen my other messages, I am trying (I say TRYING) to set up a group for all of East Anglia as a whole and the separate regions that encompass it.

Flying this thing solo isn't going to work though. I need people who are really interested to get involved with the running of it and accumulating members from all over the area (who will be active).

I know I'm in Norfolk, but you Essex people are still East Anglians!

15 Jul 2009 - 16:5717300
sheering near harlow

15 Jul 2009 - 18:1017305
im up for colchester or chelmsford! colchester has a zoo, chelmsford is new to me!
its only about £15 travel either way for me, so its not tooooo bad ^^
i dont know anyone else in my area XD
OOH! but i have a friend in brantham who would proboly be intrested... i'll giver her a nudge!

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20 Jul 2009 - 14:1517441
oh yeah i forgot about the zoo, we could have a cosplay zoo trip? hehe.xx

22 Jul 2009 - 15:5117541
Hi there, new to the site. I live in Colchester as well! If anything's planning anything I'd love to join!

24 Jul 2009 - 10:1017600
Hello my names Kelly

Im from Basildon in Essex. Wicked Theres a whole thread of Essex cosplayers.


24 Jul 2009 - 11:5017603
i never thought this thread would be quite so popular!
Yay me ^-^
Umm, COOL!

24 Jul 2009 - 19:0117621
So, any of us Essex people going to Aya in August?

*raises hand*

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24 Jul 2009 - 19:1517622
Im not due to the fact its very expensive!

24 Jul 2009 - 21:0717630
I am. I'll be attending as

Franky - One Piece
General Sakaro Winters - D Grayman
Rock - Soul calibur 4
Akuma or Alex - Street Fighter
Shimigami Sama - Soul Eater

Wot are other people cosplaying as so we can keep an eye out for each other I'm usually the tallest guy at these cons nowadays so I ain't that hate to spot XD

We give thanks to this tasy meal.
24 Jul 2009 - 21:3517631
im going ^^
*granted im a suffolk lass T_T*

ill be cosplaying
Rose - Street fighter
Refia - FF3
Haruhi - OHSHC

in that order i think O.o

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24 Jul 2009 - 21:4617635
How are you all able to afford it?
I can't O.o
Its like £45 to get in!
And commondation is on top!
Or am i wrong?

24 Jul 2009 - 22:0617640
no, thats right ^^

its just hardwork and savings XD

and bribing parents so you dont have to pay rent :3

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24 Jul 2009 - 22:3017641
or working a night shift job and watch as it robs u of your social life and gives u these huge black bags under your eyes.... YAY MONEY!

We give thanks to this tasy meal.
24 Jul 2009 - 23:2517646
Quote Pez:
So, any of us Essex people going to Aya in August?


25 Jul 2009 - 05:2717662
Awesome! I'm going as well, gonna check which costume I can take with me (Zero from Vampire Knight definitely, but not sure about the others).

Jacobar > I'm old and have a job, so the money's not too much of a problem. XD Save save save! I'm sure you can go next time. 8D

25 Jul 2009 - 14:5617669
I'm going too, provided my provisional license gets done in time, and I'll be bringing the following costumes:

Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter IV - both costumes)
Wario (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Super Saiyan Vegito (Dragon Ball Z)

Ricky "Son" Gopaul, also known as Little Emerald.
d(^_^)b Still Saikyo since 2007 d(^_^)b
25 Jul 2009 - 18:1617672
is anyone traveling on the thursday?
if so we could like...take over a train or something XD
ive pre-booked my tickets and will be getting the 11.42 train (from ipswich) which im pretty sure goes through manningtree, colchester and chelmsford...so if anyones getting that train let me know!!
would be nice to have company XD


(oh im then getting a train at 2ish from euston-coventry...£15 for an open return (b^^)b)

~smarter than your average idiot!~
25 Jul 2009 - 21:1217678
I'm travelling up on the Friday. Gotta go into London then switch trains methinks.

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