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19 Jun 2009 - 21:3015945
cosplay Company name help
Hi i am having lost of trouble trying to come up with a name for my new cosplay shop.

I Originally wanted Cosplay Kingdom but i have discovered that that name has already been taken by america.

i have other names but i am really stuck, so i thought whi better to ask than the cosplay community?!

other names i have -

Fizzy Cosplay (fizzy is my cat)
Apple Cosplay (apple is a furry character i created)
Kirsty's Cosplay (kirsty is my name)
Kitsune Kingdom (just because...)
Mogwai k Cosplay (my cosplayer name)
Cosplay Tails (proberly now my favorite)

If you guys have any ideas let me know.


The Atwill Sisters
24 Jun 2009 - 13:4016089
Dunno why but i really like kitsune kingdom.

It is the destiny of great men for their dreams to go unfulfilled. So why dream atall?
24 Jun 2009 - 14:4916092
I actually like Fizzy Cosplay, it's got a certain... zing about it Seems bright and energetic!

24 Jun 2009 - 14:5316093
I like Apple Cosplay, it sounds cute! ^_^
Kitsune Kingdom is a really cool name too~

24 Jun 2009 - 16:0416096
How about Mogwai Kosplay?

I do like cosplay tails though!

There is always room for cake
24 Jun 2009 - 18:0016105
...As you can see everyone likes something different, so I would go with whatever rolls off of YOUR tongue the best ^___^ I like Mogwai- but that might get shouts of copyright infringement :/

xx Tetra xx
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