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17 Jun 2009 - 21:5315901
Sealed Bioshock Collectors Edition - Includes Big Daddy Figurine
Factory Sealed Bioshock Collectors Edition for the PC.

Includes Game, Soundtrack, Making of, and of course, the brilliant die cast resin Big Daddy.

Completely untouched and unopened!

I'm shortly going to auction it off on ebay - But I thought I'd offer it here first! Believe it or not one recently went for £300. The Big Daddy figurine alone from an opened edition is worth around £40 on ebay.

No longer available from any retailers or online retailers. The DEFINITION of collectors edition!

I'll sell for £40 O.N.O. Including postage.

Hope it can find a good home amongst one of you lovelies! If not, to ebay it will go!

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