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17 Jun 2009 - 19:0515896
FOR SALE: Ivy Valentine Soul Calibur II
Hi again everyone!

I've decided to part with my Ivy costume as it doesn't look like I'm ever going to wear her again. Please click the image to be taken to the gallery and look at the information for how it was made:

My measurements are:

Chest: 35"
Underbust: 28"
Waist: 26"
Hip: 38"
Wrists: 6"
Hand (wrist to longest finger): 7"
Forearm (largest bit): 9.5"
Biceps: 10"
Thighs: 18"
Calf (largest bit): 15
Ankle: 10"
Foot length: 11"
Foot width: 4.5"
Head Circumference: 22"
Collar bone to crotch: 25"
Neck: 12.5"
Height: 5'7"

The back is done up with corset lacing so there's about 4 inches give there. To get the breasts right you need the difference between your chest and underbust to be 7". The main thing I'm worried about fitting someone else is the neck because there is no adjustment available there.

It comes with everything you need to wear the costume which is:

Wig, Retractable Sword, shoes, stockings, body suit with black leather cut out applique, neck with sculpted crest, long arm with black snake leather applique, glove with cast resin gem, shoulder armour, elbow armour, arm bracer, armour glove, tights for the legs.

I will also include a brand new pot of body paint to get the right skin tone, an applicator sponge and purple lipstick.

This costume is made with 5 italian leather skins. It's butter soft and fantastic to touch. The cost of the costume was £300+ but I'm offering it for £300 including shipping.

If you buy it I will repair it so it will come to you in perfect condition. The sword will not retract as it is too volatile and would need me there to repair it if anything went wrong. You can however retract it manually as long as you hold it.


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