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19 Nov 2007 - 18:551099
Trouser Patterns?
i';m looking for some trouser patterns any kind will do as i need to remake a pair of trousers but the original method isn't any good so i need a new and better method! also any other patterns ofr coats and stuff would be useful too ^^

19 Nov 2007 - 19:021100
I've got a pair of jeans I've unpicked and I use that as base for everything. It's reasonably simple as there are only four pieces to it, left and right of both front and back, and then I adjust before I cut the fabric to make them more straight/ more flaired / tighter / looser etc.

I will admit I haven't had as much luck making men's trousers as I have making ones for me.

Of course, any sewing shop will have proper paper patterns, ranging from the simple to the complicated, depending on what you need.

19 Nov 2007 - 19:091101
I've got a couple of trouser patterns; it really depends on what style you're going for. Trousers can be a right pain to make so you want a decent pattern!

I use sewingpatterns.com to buy my patterns from; they perpetually have sales on so are very cheap, and the patterns tend to arrive quite quickly despite being from the USA.

19 Nov 2007 - 20:421106
Quote Odangochan:
Trousers can be a right pain to make so you want a decent pattern!

Quoted for truth ¬_¬

Generally, I just use an old item of clothing that is similar and either unstitch it and use that as a pattern, or just make the pieces by eye (not advised LOL although Efia is talented with that!)

CosplayIsland Staff Member

03 Dec 2007 - 16:201233
I might as well post here since i am trying to find a trouser pattern, except these are quite baggy/ poofy.
I am cosplaying Nabooru, http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/1206
They look similar to Disney's Jasmine trousers.
i am unsure if they have a perticualer name, but i just cannot seem to find them for sale...

You guys got any suggestion?

Thanks XD

Oki Doki Loki~
04 Dec 2007 - 00:431238
Why not just buy a pattern?

I have a bruda pattern for jeans i use on almost every cos lol

Thus make them and modify them after as you need

the patters are re useable and are great value for money

04 Dec 2007 - 12:161241
ok i strongly suggest that for any pattern you go to this rather wonderful site
they supply most pattern companies products, i have a personal preference for "simplicity" as the title suggest they usually are simple, and they have quite a wide range of costume patterns that are REALLY handy.

The site has a section for really easy patterns which is probably good for if youve never used any patterns before,

For the baggy trousers, I actually have a similar pair im working on at the moment and I baught this pattern
its for a belly dancing costume, Im particularly fond of these costume patterns as you get an entire outfits patterns, so youve also got a pattern for a skirt, waist clincher, shirt, bikini top, and waistcoat all in one!

There all really quite cheap and as Mike said patterns really are great value for money. I hope this has helped some what.

My God. Its full of stars
05 Dec 2007 - 10:371249
o this is wonderful Sands! thankyou so much!

Oki Doki Loki~
10 Dec 2007 - 12:351269
Thank you so much! this is all so so so so useful i think i'll probably get most of my patterns from here now! thanks so much

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