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16 Jun 2009 - 12:5815867
Otascotia - Online Geek Radio
I hope i'm allowed to post this here If not, sorry i didn't mean to break any rules >_<

www.otascotia.co.uk is an online radio station dedicated to anime, jrock/pop and game music as well as the odd bit of western music too

Its hosted by DJ's from around Scotland (mainly the Glasgow area) including Sephikun (staff manager of Auchinawa), myself, Queens of the Pwn Age (check them out on youtube) and a host of others

We're looking to expand our listeners so i thought i'd do a bit of advertising directly to our target audience

We broadcast nightly from 8pm with a different DJ and theme each night
Mondays - Pirate metal with Scorpio
Tuesday - Fangirlism, Industrial and Visual-Kei with Debs (me) and Chloe
Wednesday - Jpop/Jrock with Chris and Megz
Thursday - General randomness with Scollay and Gregor
Friday - Games with Queens of the Pwn Age
Saturday - Reviews, Rock and Randomness with Dave and Mark
Sunday - East meets West and discussions/lolz with Sephi

We're also holding a live club night on the 8th August at the Flying Duck in Glasgow.
I know that's a bit far out for a lot of you guys but we'll also be broadcasting it over the air so you'll be able to listen in ^^
If you are interested in the club night though, tickets will be going on sale soon (and also available from the door) at a pretty good price (still in talks but so far it's less than a fiver )
I'll post more information as we get it regarding the live event but cosplay is encouraged

Hope to see some of you there
And if you do listen in and want to hit us up for a request, just PM me here and i'll add you on Msn or twitter and you can request through them


www.otascotia.co.uk - online geek radio
19 Jun 2009 - 21:2015944
Cool, thanks for the headsup

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