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12 Jun 2009 - 11:1315746
Attaching wings to myself. o_O
Ho mah gawd hai thar! o_O

*cough* Right, well I was hoping you lurvly lot could maybe help me with a bit of a conundrum I seem to be having. Its probably a reaaaally obvious answer to most people, but for me...Brain does not want to cooperate! ;_;

I'm currently in the planning stages of creating a Gwendolyn cosplay from Odni's Sphere. For those of you who don't know who she is, shes this lady:


So, I pretty much have the ideas of what the wings are going be made from, which is craft foam painted with acrylic. However, I am still stuck on one thing..How to attach them to myself! XD

Her wings go right under her white dress, but rest on top of her gladiator like skirt which can just be seen in that picture with some black skirt detail draped over it.

So they obviously aren't attached to her back..(Obvious Kendall is obvious)

So does anyone have any ideas on how I could attach these wings to my body? Someone said I should try attaching them to the black skirt, but I don't think it will be strong enough, as to get her black skirt to stick out like it does, I'm using a black tutu underneath, and that wouldn't be strong enough to hold up wings.
I also thought about a belt maybe, but then the question is if it will lay funny under the dress.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to attach them to myself in some sort of manner that could be withstood the length of a con? I don't mind a bit of discomfort, but not to the point where it hinders me or injures. XD

Cheers all, I know its a lot to ask! D8


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12 Jun 2009 - 11:5115747
For mine, I've got hooks on the inside of the wing frame that tuck into a belt.

You could either:
1. Put the belt over the gladiator skirt (it'll just look like the waistband and mostly be hidden by the overskirt.
2. Put the belt under the gladiator skirt so that even though the wings are technically hooked over the skirt, it's the belt that will take the weight rather than tearing your skirt

Making them from craft foam keeps them really light, so you wont need crazy harness stuff.

12 Jun 2009 - 17:3915758
That sounds like a plan, I will give it an experiment
Thanks Amy-Lou. <3
What are you making your wing frame out of exactly? I was going with some sort of wire with fabric over it, but I'm worried that might bend too easily. o_O


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12 Jun 2009 - 17:5815760
Those wings are quite delicate. I reckon some wire coat hanger should be ok!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

12 Jun 2009 - 18:1115762
Ah cool, I was struggling to think of something for the base, I was worried wire might not hold it all up or something. :3 Thanks m'dear! <3


http://youtu.be/SYhgRqJeuEo - Convention Etiquette
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