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11 Jun 2009 - 01:2615681
D.Gray-Man Cosplayers~ October Expo 2009
Hey All ^-^

Thought i'd make this group seeing as no one eles has xD~

So if anyone is cosplaying as anyone from D.Gray-man this october, feel free to post here. We're hoping to sort out a meet-up/photoshoot too, times/location still to be decided ^^~

I shall be cosplaying Lenalee in her 2nd uniform on the sunday of october expo ^-^

Also myself and Sweeturk who shall hopefully be doing the Millenium Earl are seeking any DGM cosplayers who may be intrested in taking part in the masquerade (Sunday Only) So far we have~

Myself as Lenalee
sweeturk as The Millenium Earl
GraceyDarling as Road Kamelot
Tyki Mikk
Komui (maybe)
Debitto (maybe)
CosplayChris-san as Allen Walker
we may have a Kanda also but only a maybe!

So if anyones intrested feel free to post here ^^ We're hoping to get as many of the characters as possible ^^~

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12 Jun 2009 - 07:4115741
I've been thinking of making a Lavi costume this summer, but it depends on if I can get the materials without spending a fortune etc etc.
If I do, I'd be up for a photoshoot or maybe the masquerade as well.

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