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10 Jun 2009 - 22:4915668
Cosplays, wigs, mangas, etc for sale! (Updated 25/08/2009)
NEW: Prince of Tennis Jersey!!

Please click here for photos of mangas, dvds and posters~

Hi ho! I'm only posting pictures of the wigs however I do have pictures of the mangas and stuff as well, I chose not to show them here because it would page stretch majorly!

I will be attending Fuyucon and Somerset meet ups throughout the year soooo I'll knock off the P&P price and give them to you in person! ^_^

To come:
Fabric [must sort through my fabric bin]
Video games [sort through, I have tons...]
More manga [haven't fished through them all yet!]
DVDs [need to sort through my drawer]


Size 8-12 £20
Bought if off someone on cosplay.com intending to do a PoT cosplay. However I never did in the end so it's best for me to just sell it. The front emblem has worn a bit as shown in the photo. Also it's been hand-washed with warm soapy water! (The condition is exactly how it was when I bought it)

A Smiffy's party wig, which is why I'm selling it cheap. I bought this before I was able to buy off eBay!!

.:: Manga [£4.50 each] ::.
Tsubasa RESERvoir Chronicles Vol 1-7 £30 {ON HOLD}
D.N. Angel Vol 1-3 and 11 £15
Lagoon Engine Vol 1-2 and Rizelmine £15
Di Gi Charat anthology Vol 1-4 £15
Tokyo Mew Mew Vol 1 and Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode Vol 1-2 £10
Rozen Maiden Vol 1-2 £7 {VOL 2 ON HOLD}
Demon Diary Vol 6-7 £7
PhD: Phantasy Degree Vol 5 and 7 £7 {ON HOLD}
Fushigi Yugi Vol 14
Chibi Vampire Vol 1
Gothic Sports Vol 1
Fruits Basket Vol 18 {ON HOLD}
Saiyuki Vol 1

.:: DVDs ::.
Akira, double disc edition £7

.:: Posters/Wallscrolls ::.
Spirited Away poster £3

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25 Aug 2009 - 19:5818774
Updated with new items!!
*too lazy to make a new post just for two items*

Prince of Tennis Jersey (Size 8-12) and Ryo-Ohki backpack now for sale~~~

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