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07 Jun 2009 - 14:5715512
Rozen Maiden Doll Group May 2010
Hi everybody!

So for next May I was hoping to get together with a Rozen Maiden group with all the dolls. And I'm happy to say we have them all [Though some are maybes, hopefully they'll be definite!]
I figured I'd post this up now so all members can chat and we can keep let each other how our cosplays are going. And later on decide meeting places/times to meet
Would everyone be ok with entering the masquerade? It would be rather awesome to do that :3
Also anyone is welcome to join in for a photoshoot/meet and such, but ideally for the masquerade we would like no doubles [So the people who bagged the character first get the choice if they want to be in the masquerade first or not :3]

Also if you'd like to join in but don't fancy a doll theres always the humans or many other characters such as Detective Kun kun - Now that would be really cool!

So here's the list so far (In order of doll creation no less ;P)-

Suigintou - CrystalNeko
Kanaria - Littlerascal92 [Maybe]
Suiseiseki - Blobfish [Maybe]
Souseiseki - Brinny-Chan
Shinku - Shigures High School Girl
Hinaichigo - Nocturnal Blossom
Barasuishou - Limegreenjelly
Kirakishou - Special-Pleb

07 Jun 2009 - 15:1815514
Rawr, Suigintou here. Unfortunately as much as I would love to start on her now [mainly the wings] it's too early and I'm concentrating on Fuyucon cosplays first =P

But alas I'm glad there's a full group for the masquerade, woohoo! We can decide what to do on stage such as what poses to do, what order to go on stage, what music [important!!], etc here as well~

It's ages away but because some of the costumes are rather complex and some are busy for October Expo it gives us plenty of time to prepare~ ^_^ Good luck with the costumes guys!

07 Jun 2009 - 15:2515515
I have some edits to make to Souseiseki...
And i have to figure out how to not overheat like i did this time :3

Cant wait though
Hopefully should be able to be in the masquerade... <.<;
Depends whether i have to go up by coach for the day again, cause if i do then i have to leave around the time the masquerade starts T-T
(And if i do join the masquerade with you guys it'll prolly be my first! ... Cause i doubt i'll do it in october).

Cant wait

Pathetic Cuteness - the all new genre
07 Jun 2009 - 15:2915516
Aww yeah because Souseiseki is mostly dark colours, you must of boiled with her hat. You know I'll gladly take it from you Brinny ;D ;D

Won't match my outfit though hah!

But yes hopefully you can enter the masquerade with us! We needs you! <3

Really fancy starting Kira now but like Fi, gotta do Fuyu cosplays first XD

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