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06 Jun 2009 - 21:3315488
Need Help Finding... (For Eva Cosplay)
Okay, so I've decided to cosplay Eva from MGS3, but the trouble is, I can't find a plain TAN jumpsuit anywhere! I've popped into a couple of local military surplus stores briefly, and also checked out eBay, but I can't seem to find anything suitable... Here's a link to my costume where a ref pick is currently residing...

Does anyone know any specific websites/ eBay sellers that might have something suitable?

Oh! And the other catch IS, I'm a size 18, and I'm aware that jumpsuits in larger sizes = not a good idea, so aren't that readily available... Although it's supposed to be skin tight-ish, so maybe a size 16 would do?

Any help would be great!!

18 Jun 2009 - 16:3015916
I was in town today and looked at a large stall selling industrial clothing. Nothing in Tan, but the lady suggested buying a white coverall/boiler suit and dying it Tan. They are like £7 to buy and do go up to your size. I think they were button up though, so you'd have to install a long zipper too if you wanted it zip front.
The only other thing I can think is an army surplus shop - although very often flight suits have a crazy-low crotch..like down at the knees! :S

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