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06 Jun 2009 - 15:5615478
How Do I make feet?!
I'm attempting to put together a devilman costume, but I'm struggling to make a foot cover to hide my shoes (I've done bare foot once and never again)

I've been using funky foam but it just doesnt seem to hold the shape well enough and its almost impossible to make the toes

Any surgestions?

06 Jun 2009 - 15:5815479
Maybe carve the shape out of upholstery foam? Which form of Devilman are you doing? A reference picture would be good!

Oh, and instead of shoes, why not wear sandals? They're much smaller and easier to cover but still means you won't have to go barefoot!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

07 Jun 2009 - 11:3415499
Ohh I hadn't thought of sandles, hmmm.

The devilman I'm trying for is "Amon, the appocolypse of devilman" (anime not manga varrient)
normaly I would happily put an image up but I'm doing this sneakily at work so unable to

My main problem is creating the toes/claws.

07 Jun 2009 - 16:0315513
clay sculpt, make a plaster mould, cast in latex in my opinion.

full shoe slippers would be a good choice to base them on.

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