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30 May 2009 - 13:2115186
Flashporting in
Hey, Im Geran, I;m 17 and live in breacon near cardiff, i reacently started Cosplay and am currently working on my first cosplay, of course he is Alber Wesker (midnight), i am on cosplay.com and after seeing this for UK i decided it's worth joining, unfortunatly for me most of the cons are in southern england, i can get to most if a stay with my aunti in London, and i can easily get o the bristol one, I look forward to meeting you all and debuing my Midnight outfir on here.

Cosplays coostumes list:
Wesker Midnight: under construction
Stars Wesker: Ideas Stage
CV Wesker: Future
Res 4 Wesker:Future
Umbrella Chronicles Russia Wesker: Future
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