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29 May 2009 - 10:3615107
A Cosplayer's timeline
This will be rather interesting

Phoebe's Costume Timeline:

5 - Making Gladiator batons and standing on a stool, knocking people out of the way.

7 - Wearing washing up gloves and co-ordinating clothes to be a Power Ranger.

8 - Wielding three pencils on each hand. Then moved on to using chopsticks. Yes, we've all done this methinks!

10 - 'Attempted' a Giant Peach (James and the Giant Peach) costume out of pillows, a duvet and some orange fabric but it failed so bad XD

12 - Heard about cosplay from a friend who cosplayed, never got into it as I thought it was 'sad'.

13 - Learnt more about cosplay online, saw some at Collectormania but never thought about doing it fully. Started making small props like Naruto headbands and kunais. Made a Zangetsu out of solid wood.

14 - First fully made costume, a terrible Hollow Ichigo without a wig.

15 - Got a sewing machine, learnt a lot more about costume making with fabrics. Began a prop commission service which was very successful.

16 - Made Deunan, learnt that I actually loved propmaking more than sewing.

17 - Embarking on a full Gundam suit XD

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
29 May 2009 - 11:4115117
this might be quite long XD

Fishyfins Timeline

1. Sent to a local dance academy at an early age, studying ballet and tap, where is was desensitised to a lot of inhibitions of acting and performing m(which would further be broken down later on)

2. became horrifically bullied at school, with virtually no friends

3. spent a lot of my time readin,g or doing drama and acting

4. started to try to get peoples attanetion by doing very strange and silly things

5. watched Pokemon and played Final Fantasy

6. grew up, got good grades at school, went to college

7. made lots of fantastic new friends, many of whom liked anime. learned that pokemon was anime and got more into it

8. found out about cosplay, and talked to friends about wanting to do it. set up some big plans to cosplay as someone from FF8 or 9 with a group of friends

9. left college and went to university

10. turned 20

11. the moment i turned 20, 99% of all my friends vanish off the face of the earth, never to contact me again, for no reason whatsoever (at least not one im told)

12. spend the next year in a huge depression, attempt suicide 3 times, see phycologists, lose my job, my nana passes away, relationship with my parents breaks down, and i end up in a right state. anime keeps me going.

13. met a couple of girls in my area, who become my friends, and who tell me about their plans to cosplay

14. out of desperate need of companionship, and something to keep my mind off things, i decide to tag along with them to fuyu 07, starting a basic cosplay (lil slugger)

15. we hear about a local ReCon (the first in Hull), and we all decide to go. we had a fantastic day, and i met so many new friends that day.

16. all the cosplayers meet up every saturday and hang out in town, something we still do to this day, several years later

17. make Gaara, my first proper cosplay project

18. Fuyucon 07!!!!! met loads of great new friends, and the girl who would later become my longest standing girlfriend, who later became my most recent ex

19. spent all of 2008 developing my skills, making cosplay, attending cons, and generally having the best year of my life

20. early 2009, girl splits with me, i move out of home, and things start to not go so well

21. plan to attend many cons simply to take my mind off things

22. hope life improves

Disasters road has been walked by better men

29 May 2009 - 13:1215122
Quote Odd-One-Out:
8 - Wielding three pencils on each hand. Then moved on to using chopsticks. Yes, we've all done this methinks!

Lawl, I've definitely done this before!

Crystal's timeline - rough estimates btw, I can't remember the exact age for every event in my life O_o;
3 - Parents bought me a ridiculous amount of anime stuff, especially Hello Kitty

4 - Loved Disney and got into ballet

5 - Pretended to be a Disney princess [lolz, I reckon most girls were like this!] Got into anime without knowing what it was.

6 - I think I got my first console around this time, Megadrive ftw! Started violin and keyboard and showed off with it lolz...

7 - Went to Hong Kong, parents bought me sweet lolita and I wore them 24/7

8 - First ballet performance, got to dress up! Also had first performance with school orchestra in London (this is where performance comes in!) And like Pheebs, wielded three pencils on each hand. Then moved on to using chopsticks. Stayed up late watching anime on Toonami [bad girl!]

9 - Knew what anime was, first anime I watched and knew that it was anime was Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Shaman King, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Mamotte Shugogetten apparently...

10 - Went on online message forums, got more and more into anime

11 - Started lurking teenage AOL forums, discovered cosplay! Got into manga as well. Dressed up as Justine from Tracey Beaker for World Book Day, score!

12 - Heard about MCM Expo! Wanted to go to May and Oct 05 but wasn't allowed >_<

13 - Finally managed to convince parents to let me go to Expo, yaaay! Failed attempt at Kyo Sohma cosplay, discovered cosplay was popular in the UK!

14 - First cosplay~! First mascot, first crossplay and first criss-crossplay! Made my first prop too. What an adventure xD

15 - First cosplay awards 8D, learned to love wigs

16 - Got a reputation of big dresses, hope to kill that reputation as they take so much effort to make X_x;

The future - First convention, EPIC musical La Corda d'Oro group; Shaman King group; and Full Moon group to come <3 Hopes to make an epic prop for 2010 as well~

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29 May 2009 - 13:3115124
Great idea Pheebs!

Millenia's Timeline

4 - Start putting on shows for my parents and family, wearing costumes and coordinating dance routines, making up elaborate stories!

6 to 12 - Acted in various school plays and fun stuff (nothin serious lol). BEST one by far was playing the Phantom of the Opera, in Yr 7, in a self-written script.. sadly my friends weren't as keen on the acting T_T

14 - 'Discovered' anime. Made a Grandia 2 shirt.

15 - Won costume competition at my best mate's new years party. I was dressed as Garnet from FF9 and all the boys voted for me XDD

16 - Made my first cosplay in Textiles class, 6th form, Vyse from Skies of Arcadia. I wore Vyse on Pirate Day at rag week, and filmed piratey skits done by classmates.

17 - Made costumes for my A-level media studies film 'Random Eggs', an anime inspired live action movie in which a sorceress unleashes a deadly virus of living talking eggs and a young boy (also called Eggs) has to defeat her and her evil Eggbot clones!

18 - Attended first London Expo as Sakura from Naruto, in a costume made during my textiles module at art college.

19 - Attended second Expo as Marik, and started creating my Gaara cosplay. October expo 2006 I debuted Gaara and properly entered the cosplay world

20 to 22 - Have done LOADS of stuff since then! Went to my first proper anime convention (e.g. not Expo or LFCC) just this year. And here I am

29 May 2009 - 13:3215125
4 - Always loved dressing up, my gran made me a Thunderbirds uniform (ADORED IT!)

- Disney Princess birthday party (wore Princess Jasmine's green outfit) - Christmas got a little mermaid outfit - both worn all the time

6 - Esmerelda Princess outfit

7 - Pocahontas outfit (made by my gran)

8 - Victorian day at school - Best outfit yeah!!!

- Tudor day at school - Best outfit again!!!

10-11 - Various dressing-up fun-times

- First Halloween party, gran made me a Morticia Adams outfit. Started watching CardCaptors on TV but didn't know what it was.

13-14 - More Halloween parties and muchos dressing up. Watched more CardCaptors, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Dragonball Z on TV. Liked the weird art style (still didn't know what it was).

15-16 - Still majorly into Pokemon <--- Sad. Became friends with Kirokitsune who suggested I watch a series called Inuyasha. Loved it. Wanted more. Was introduced to other series' including Trigun, the PROPER CardCaptors series, Evengelion, et. al.

- Went to college, now bought manga and anime all the time. Was into a series called Saiyuki, was told a girl at college was reading the same thing. Met Nocturnal-Blossom. She mentioned an event called London Expo and that apparently people dressed up for it! Decided to go with her and Kirokitsune as a Death Note group (was halfway through reading it at the time - not many people knew who we were but it was lots of fun!)

17 - Adores cosplay and wants to go to as many events as possible!

- Went to uni. Joined the anime society. Met Angel Aiko, Kitsu Aria, Fez Kuro, Uni, Kimpey, Timpey and grayskull8 (apologies if I've missed anyone!) All who love anime and cosplay!

- Has completed dream cosplay of going as Son Goku from Saiyuki (favourite character EVAR and cosplayed from the series that bought me and a good bunch of my mates together!)

The Future - WHO KNOWS?!

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.

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29 May 2009 - 13:5215126
3 - modelled in a spider costume for a toddler clothing thing

5 - mum made me a reversable cinderella dress

6 - dressed as mortisha from adams family

7 - my mum made me a chun li outfit for a party (street fighter was my fav game) but she chose the 2nd player one (pink) and i cried that it werent blue.

and for halloween as the blonde witch from hocus pocus

8 - had a esmerelda costume from Hunch Back Of Notre Dame and frickin loved it!

9 - won book week with my pocahauntas outfit me and mum made

during this time gap i was tom boy who dreamt of being a pro skater and guitarist in band sounding like blink 182

15 - dressed up as both Alexiel & Rosiel from angel sanctuary....those pictures are deeply buried away.....

also had a Battle Royale party and went as student

16 - i was obsessed with EGL and got bought a sailor moon outfit that once again pictures will not see day light

17 - dressed as Lum from Uresai Yatsura at sci fi thing and got told to put clothes back within 5 mins of being there...

18 - dressed as Corpse Bride cutting up my mums wedding dress....and as Sally from Nightmare before christmas for a party

19 - made 2 primark tifa costumes....went to student nights out dressed in pvc vampire nurse outfit...errr....a flapper girl...a doll...a pirate!

20 - made super sailor moon, neliel, 2x Nia Teppelin, Princess Minako, Yuffie, errr think thats it? and working currently on costumes >.<

29 May 2009 - 16:2215138
Ages approximate as I really can't remember.

7: Really got into Star Wars and thus began the nerd spiral.

7 or 8: Got a Sega Megadrive and thus became an avid player of Sonic Games and gaming in general.

8 or 9: Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon and such started coming on telly and I watched avidly. Tenchi Muyo! Became my favourite in the end. Along with Sailor Moon which made me late for school. XD

9 or 10: Got Sega Dreamcast and was thus subjected to 3D gaming, which would later take up most of my life later.

10: Really wanted to dress as Vegeta for Halloween but never got to.

10: Saw first Hentai

10: Also saw ghost in the shell for the first time and realised Anime was awesome

10 or 11: Got Gameboy Colour and a stash of Pokemon games and thus got introduced to the world of RPGs.

12: Started Secondary school and REALLY got into Star Wars and sci fi, along with gaming for a long while until I was 16. Also started Yugioh cards. Was made fun of for liking Anime, so it died off for a while.

13 - 15.5: The emo period. Life was empty and friendless. Old friends became chavs and new people were horrible.

15.5: Rewatched Tenchi Muyo! in original uncut Japanese. Nostalgia and love for it respurred anime love, then got into watching Sailor Moon and again fell in love. Also met other people in school who like anime and finally had friends again.

16: First con, which was Ame 07: Due to all my friends dropping out I went alone. Also had my first cosplay which was a really fail Prince Demand from Sailor Moon. Nevertheless I still enjoyed it greatly and met some awesome people.

17: Second Con, Ame 08, did 3 cosplays this time and did my first masquerade, loved it so much and made some awesome friends.

18: Where I am now. Have some more awesome friends and I'm going to attempt my first crossplays at Aya. XD

29 May 2009 - 18:3815148
OMG, what a genious topic!! I'll do my best to be accurate, but dates may be rough around the edges

Autumn 1994, Aged 4- Parents split up and tried to console me with a Sega Master System. This was soon replaced with a Mega Drive. Sonic and Tails plushies for me and my brother soon followed.

Winter 1997, Aged 7- I got a PSX for christmas. Thus began the habits of either pretending to American so I could do a Coco Bandicoot voice, or running around on all fours pretending to be a purple dragon.

Winter 1998, Aged 8- SMTVLive & Pokemon. Need I say more? Began copying the drawing style of Pokemon and became famous at school for being 'The One Who Could Draw' Recieved a Gameboy Colour and both Pokemon Red & Blue for Christmas.

Spring 2000, Aged 9- Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors began to show on CiTV after school. Spent many playtimes chanting "Oh, Key of Clow,Power of magic, Power of light, Surrender the wand, The force ignite!" In a wierd voice that I THOUGHT was appropriate.

Summer 2001, Aged10/11- One friend had an N64, another the Dreamcast. Seval roleplays ensued including Zelda, Jet Set Radio, and Golden Sun.

Autumn 2002, Aged 12- Isolated and alone at secondary school. Figured out that the Pokemon drawings I was still drawing were called "Anime" and pronounced it "Annie-me" (LOL)

Winter 2004, Aged 14- Began playing Guild Wars, my first MMORPG. Previous internet experience included only Neopets. Became obsessed with collecting armor because it was pretty. Downward spiral into nerdyness begins, alongside my ever growing for drawing what I finally learned to call Manga.

Spring 2005, Aged 14- Bought my first Tankoubon of manga- Chobits. Read entire series and lusted for more. (Now owns a ridiculous amount of Manga)

Summer 2007, Aged 16- Attended First ReCon (not in cosplay) with then partner and a friend. Was amazed. Recognised only one character- A very Tall Vincent Valentine (I said to my friend- "Hey! Final Fantasy".) Noticed one of the cosplayers said they were 20 (I said to my friend- "It's abit sad to do it when you're 20 isn't it?" Both of these people are now very good friends of mine!

Autumn 2007, Aged 17- Ordered Songstress Yuna Cosplay off a website, but instead they sent me Sakura Haruno from Naruto. (Mix up probably since it was so close to Halloween). Wore Sakura Haruno to the October ReCon. First ever cosplay, but didn't have a wig. Approached a stranger remembering his name from the mini costume contest and chatted/became friends

Spring 2008 (I THINK), Aged 17- Another ReCon, where I cosplayed Rukia Kuchiki.

Summer 2008, Aged 17- Ordered 3 more costumes, and was invited by aforemented friend (The one and only Fishyfins!!) to a cosplay picnic over the summer holidays. Wore My Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay and finally successfully made some cosplay friends. Added several on MSN. One of which turned out to be RyukRedApples!!

Autumn 2008, Aged 17/18- Magic had happened and me and Ryuk ended up together ^^, Attended another ReCon as Ichigo Momomiya. Ryuks added interest in cosplay spurred me on.

Winter 2008, Aged 18- Booked Places for FuyuCon as well as attempting to make my own first cosplay. Joined Cosplay Island.

Spring 2009, Aged 18- Continued cosplaying with a larger circle of cosplaying friends, and planning my first group cosplay ^^ Still very much enjoying video games, drawing manga, and cosplaying!! Also experienced first dabblings of Hentai!


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29 May 2009 - 19:1615155
7/8 - Pokemon on every Saturday morning, at the same time that I had my ballet lessons ><
So my dad recorded it xD
*still has the videos =o*

9 - SailorMoon on CiTV, that's all I remember, and my mum said I watched it xD.
Got a bundle of the Pokemon Gameboy games around this time too. [I got them each when they came out, like a religious little fan xD]

10 - 14 - I was known to draw things ''pokemon style''

15 - Found the Pokemon Special Manga, thanks to my obsession with Wallace from the games, and ordered it xD
Found more of this stuff called 'manga' and ordered that.
Cosplayed as Shia in her PJs to the local ReCon.

16 - Tried, and failed to make Maora's Student Council Uniform [Shinshi Doumei] It tore when I took it of the hanger, I was well upset D:
Found out about Expo, Ordered my Strawberry Panic Miator Dress and attended the October Expo.

17 - Attended Midlands and MayExpo, and here I am today.

[I think that's the right order anyways... *has an awfull memory about when&where things happen*]

29 May 2009 - 19:5315162
Age 5 Grandma made me Belle from Beauty and the Beast's ball dress (although she only had blue fabric).

5-13 Always had a fondness for dressing up in general and performing on stage, especially musicals.

12/13 Final Fantasy came into my life starting with VIII

13/14 A friend introduced me to Sailor Moon, my first anime not including Pokemon.

15 Threw together whatever stuff I had lying around and claimed to be Sailor Jupiter...

16 Learnt about cosplay and heard about Amecon. Was determined to dress up as Rinoa one day.

19 Went to my first Expo as Rinoa. Decided this was totally my new hobby XD

20 Three more costumes and two more expos plus the Grand International Cosplay Ball.
Using any excuse to cosplay at work.

21 Completed my first costume by hand and hoping to make more. Signed up for my first major convention- Ayacon.

29 May 2009 - 22:0715172
LOL, cute!

4 - doing stupid commercials as a kid for Fanta etc.

6 - lots of performances and dancing on stage. Refused to do ballet, took up Taekwondo instead.

7 - moved from Malaysia to Thailand and went to a British International School. Total drama queen already. Drew lots of stuff. Threw lots of pencils.

12-18 - high school *sigh* lots and lots of school plays, Bangkok cabaret scene, orchestras, musicals, dinner shows - so I wore a lot of costumes. Made pillow gundam suits for fighting with my older brother. Did more Taekwondo and lots of horse-riding. Wore lots of formal dresses for socialite do's. Watched Utena, Kenshin, Akazukin Cha Cha, Slayers. Played a lot of Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9.

19-20 - university. Did the odd theatre production (including Rocky Horror), but concentrated on sports - archery and fencing. Started building up my weapon collection. Dressed goth a LOT.

21 - My first anime social gatherings and convention! One was the Cambridge University anime soc garden party - I went as Misato, my then-fiance as Kaji. Then to Animecon 2001 in Liverpool, where I did Kamiya Kaoru from Kenshin.

22-23 - break as I got into the grind of job.

24 - quit my job to become a manga artist!! ZOMG. Started collecting cute fashions (kitty ears!) and lolita stuff.

25-26 - I have the most awesome lolita/goth/ega wardrobe. In fact, I have hardly any normal clothes.

26-27 NOW - Getting back into cosplay. Trinity Blood = baptism of fire. But it went well! So I'm not afraid of anything anymore XD Now I go shooting on the weekends, so I've gotten into guns a lot more than swords XD

Future - whatever my work schedule permits!! I've made so many new friends in the cosplay scene ^^


Websites~ fyredrake.net ~ sweatdrop.com ~
Next events ~ Japanese Art Fest, J-Culture Con,

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29 May 2009 - 23:0915174
4- demanded repeatedly that i had my hair cut like luke skywalker or han solo, depending on where my mood took me

4-7- was exposed to the works of george lucas, jim henson, and other movie makers. roleplayed characters at school a lot.

8- saw my first anime, nausicaa, and my last anime till way later thanks to the UK not showing much interest in anime in the early 80's

9- got into model making. i attribute my creativity to this.

10- got into marvel comics in a big way

15- or there abouts, anime returned to the UK in the form of akira and a handful of releases by manga video. i was hooked instantly. at the same time, i started tabletop RP gaming

16- discovered american viz and dark horse manga titles

18- discovered the wonderful world of LARP aka running around a field beating fellow humans with foam swords. quickly started making my own swords and armour for said events.

20- marvel made a lot of bad calls with story and staff, stopped reading all but 2 of their titles (wolverine and gen-x) soon after stopped reading those too.

21- got run over by a 4x4 damaging my knees and back for several years. no more LARPing for me =( also, around the same time, manga video had a slump in releases, so i was starved new titles to watch.

22- DVDs appeared, so did a region free DVD player and a heap of anime imports in my house. woohoo!

25- got fed up with my 8 year long profession and decided to go to college and study foundation art. creativity went on overdrive.

26- went to uni to study photography, met my current circle of IRL friends. soon after, we all started to show interest in costuming, but never had the time due to coursework.

27- friend cosplayed for the first time. bug bit.

28-29 spent spare time making props and costume pieces for friends and occasionally coursework.

30- attended my first expo. after that, the classic line "hey, how do you feel about going to the next one as ed and al. you know, like, full armour and automail" was said, thus i started armour building again. at the same time i built a full scale allen walker sword for the same friend who would be my ed.

31- attended my second expo cosplaying for the first time, took 3rd place in the sunday masquerade. after that masq i went straight on to making my next two costumes and other bits between. by the time they were finished, this may's expo was upon us and my pair and myself took 2nd place on the saturday, then i took 3rd alone on the sunday. once home after expo, i started on the next two projects!

29 May 2009 - 23:3115176
What a fun thread

4yr. Was babysat by my cousin for since I was 3 up until being about 10.

5-10yr. In his home he would school me in the ways of Anime and cult movies *pulp fiction ect ect*

11yr. during this time i developed a keen intrest in drama at school.
a fun thread

12yr. this then lead to other intrests i.e music

15yr. after performances I realised that costuming would be a good idea to improve stage presense.

15yr. it took me up until when i was about 15 to get up the courage and realise Cosplay.

15yr went to a convention in US and cosplayed for the first time, LIFE WAS NEVER THE SAME!!!

NOW: after this I went to Expo twice and a couple of other small times met alot of great people at first Recon i.e Fishyfins and like really great people change my life forever. Anime was important to me at an early age and it became more so when i discovered cosplay

30 May 2009 - 10:2515181
As a child (in no particular order, because most of them over lapped):

- Produced and performed shows for parents, including Cinderella (~7?), Lion King 2 (~10?) and Star Wars I (~11)

- Adored fancy dress, and begged mother to make costumes. Ended up with wedding gown (for Cinderella), Aladdin's costume (was only girl with wanted to be Disney princes...), Jedi and Harry Potter cloaks (still used), amongst others.

- Played Power Rangers and Teenage Ninja Turtles with boys on playground, despite not being allowed to watch them at home.

- Discovered Pokemon. Joined masses of rabid fans who woke up specially on Saturdays for SMTV live. Made a team with brother - he traded the cards, and I won games with them. Never lost a game (don't think could keep that up now though!), and we became legendary - until 3/4 of our cards were stolen.

- Performed in several primary school nativity plays. Got to be a Victorian maid in year 6, and loved it.

- Said that wanted to be an actress in final assembly of year 6 (it was that, or a witch. >>; )

11 Started secondary school. Diagnosed with Autism. Was dismayed to discover that in an all girls school there were no Pokemon players or Power Ranger games in the playground. Instead, discovered the Internet, and spent all lunchtimes locked away there. Also, discover CCS during the summer holidays - but aren't able to get home in time to watch it when school starts.

13 LotR is released. Whole life takes purpose. Am content.

15 Discover Spirited Away. Fall in love. Start taking out other Anime movies from blockbusters whenever have chance (Tokyo Godfathers, Cowboy Bebop, Princess Mononoke)

15 Meet Naomi online. She tells me to watch Gravitation and Loveless. Become hooked. Follow up with FMA.

16 Start dating Naomi. Continue to discover and be recommended anime. Get Nicola involved. Also, take Media Studies so can be geeky about LotR.

17 Stop dating Naomi. Diagnosed with Epilepsy. Write research project for Media studies on "a comparison of the representation of woman in Disney and Stuido Ghibli". Get 89/90 for final exam. Make awful Team Rocket cosplay for Rag Week - but official first cosplay. Find out about London MCM Expo in Oct. 06 - too late to make a cosplay, but go with Nicola anyway, promising to cosplay in May.

18 First cosplay: London Expo May 07: Edward Elric. Nicola does Winry, and Nat Roy. Have fantastic time, met many fantastic people, and never looked back. Am convinced to go to JapanEx, despite the fact am poor student, and in the end make 6 cosplays for that first year. Go to University to do film studies, and find out that Roisin from the expo boards is going to the same university. Meet up, hang out, join the same societies (Comic books/Japanese). Meet Ash and Tori at societies where we had the "manga" corner (ie, the people who joined both societies in hope of anime/manga).

20 Get first sewing machine. Uni friends run away to Japan for their year abroad. Will be cosplaying Elrond in the autumn, and making a documentary on Cosplaying for final year project.

-an Angel that didn't so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards-
30 May 2009 - 15:5915192
Yay! It's kinda short.

1. Played Pokemon on a friends Gameboy. Didn't understand what to do, but loved it. Had Zelda, loved that, not as much as Pokemon though.

2. Only got to do Halloween dress up once or twice. Nows fuel desire to cosplay. Got further into gaming. Pretended to be various Video Game characters with cousins.

3. Watched Spirited Away for first time. Refused to watch it because both Mother and Grandmother liked it. (Yay rebelling!)

4. Read first manga. (Vampire Game ) Got hooked. Currently in love with Legend of Zelda.

5. Found out about anime and expos and conventions. Went to first expo in year 7 with a close friend and family.

6. Now planning to cosplay this October. Let's hope it works out!

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