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29 May 2009 - 00:1415087
Putty and armour help...
Okay, this is probs early coming but the sooner I start on things and start buying NOW the less hassle I'll have for next year! I just have a few questions regarding some ideas and such I have for my Cecil outfit for next may.

I'm sure a few more people will find this useful too.

First off. I dont know epoxy putty, but I fancy giving it a try on some of the detailed bits. What I thought about using was polyester putty and epoxy putty as this AWESOME Vampire Hunter D has explained he has used in this - http://www.cosplay.com/photo/286345/

Has he done that by mixing the putty or something? Is there anything else I could perhaps use that's durable and while create a similar effect if sculpted correctly?

Also, I'm looking for tips and/or tutorials on how to make full body armour. I dont particularly want to use foam but nor do I really want to use fibre glass. Foam I'm hesitant about because it just seems to flat and jaggedy when Cecil's outfit is so much round at the edges. If there's any tips and such on this, please tell me or link me to tutorials or something. XD

Thank yoooooou~


29 May 2009 - 07:3315096
I don't know if it's close to what you're looking for, but I did find this tutorial on making armour using papier mache and something called paperclay, which I have a nasty feeling might only be available in the US. I assume you can order it online from somewhere (although if anyone knows any better I'd love to know, since I have a costume in mind that will require some armour crafting!).

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29 May 2009 - 08:5615097
Odangochan and I used Paperpulp for our Tank Police pouldrons. I think it's pretty much a different name for paperclay and you can get it in any craft/model shop. It's like a bag of dense, fluffy paper and when you water it down it looks like porridge.
It dries rock hard and once you sand it down it's a great finish to paint on. Does take a lot of elbow work to get perfect though.

Craft foam warps when heated so you can set it into curved shapes, but it takes a bit of practice and can be fiddly. Bonus is it's very light.

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29 May 2009 - 10:0815100
I have never tried using polyester putty before so not sure what difference it has in compare to epoxy putty. Epoxy putty alone is already rock hard so I guess the guy used the cheaper putty as a filler and the other for the surface sculpting?

How large are the pieces you are looking to make? It might be hard to make large pieces entirely out of epoxy putty as they tend to come in rather small pack... They are great for smaller items or detail work on larger pieces that couldn't go into the oven (which rules out the use of fimo)

In general, the pros of epoxy putty are:
- air dries
- extremely tacky in the first 5 minutes after mixing
- approx. 1 hr sculpting time before it starts going hard
- dries rock hard and is very light
- can be sandpapered, painted or cellulose sprayed

The cons:
- always come in small packs
- need to spend about 10 mins to evenly mix the 2 parts into 1

29 May 2009 - 10:1615101
Hmmmm you can buy DAS which is clay with paper shredded inside it and it worked really well for my pauldron....urmm seems really sturdy too
still looking into the differences between DAS and paperclay and it would seem that DAS is easier to shape, is cheaper, you get a LOT more for your money and is smoother

paperclay is apparantly good for textured scultpures of tress and bricks etc.

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29 May 2009 - 10:3415106
Thanks Sillabub for the awesome Tutorial! I have seen that Paperclay about but I dont think they ship out of the USA with it D: Atleast not on ebay. XD

I've also seen a big bag of paper pulp that can be made into clay or mache if need be, so I'll have to look into that! XD

@Cat_Cat - The putty would just be for minor detailings on the armour and not usd to the MASSIVE sword decoration piece that the V Hunter D used on his swords. Plus I dont tend to trust fimo these days. Totally F***ed up my Jareth Mask and I doubt I can put some of the stuff I'm using into an over let alone have it fit. XD

Paperclay sounds like it rocks XD


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