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27 May 2009 - 18:3715033
Manga and books
Hey guys, I've got some books I keep meaning to try and sell. I'm willing to post them (although I'll have to add postage, and I'll only accept paypal), or I'm going to Aya revolution, and may be at other assorted meets before hand.

All books are in a good, but used condition. The Nirvana book has a bent corner since I took the picture, but everything else is as photoed.

Feel free to send me an email or a PM if you want something or want more information. My email is Purplefluffychainsaw @ hotmail.com.

Eerie Queerie vols 1-4 - £10
Complete series, shonen ai.
About a student with the ability to see ghosts - and have his body taken over them. Pretty amusing, and full of cute moments.

But, I'm your teacher - £2.50
Collection of short stories, yaoi
Seven stories in total, including two about a teacher and his seductive student. Some are very cute, others a bit darker.

Selfish love vols 1 and 2 -£5
Complete series, yaoi
About two students in school. Includes two additional short stories in the first volume.

Wryd Sisters - £5
Illustrated screenplay of the cartoon of Terry Pratchett's Wryd Sisters.

Characters from Tolkien - £10
Illustrated encyclopaedia of the races, beasts, and fauna of Middle Earth. (This book is quite heavy, and might cost a bit to post)

Nirvana music book - £15
Piano, guitar and voice sheet music for all of Nirvana's songs.
(This book is quite heavy, and might cost a bit to post)

GodSpeed - £5
Drawn biography of Kurt Cobain

-an Angel that didn't so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards-
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