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27 May 2009 - 15:4715023
Cosplay Kingdom Commissons! i will make anything!
I am starting my on cosplay buisness called
Cosplay Kingdom made especially for cosplayers in the U.K. i should be opening my own website soon but i thought i'd start by asking if anyone wants commissons on our cosplay home, here!

I will happily make Cosplays, Accessories, Wigs, Props and Wings.

If you are interested then Contact me either through a Private message on here or


Kirsty (mogwai k)


The Atwill Sisters

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21 Jun 2009 - 11:0415971
Check This profile for my latest commissions

22 Jun 2009 - 15:0716001

I am on Holiday from today till 7th July. If you want a commisson please email me and i will get back to you when i get home! xx

22 Jun 2009 - 16:5716004
I think that there are lots of commissioners on cosplayisland now, which is great! Perhaps it would be good to set up a thread where us commissioners can have a natter about our work?

Congratulations on becoming profficient enough to offer your services, I'm sure that someone will make use of them, good luck! (I'll be launching my own website soon too- it's exciting isn't it?)

xx Tetra xx
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