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25 May 2009 - 20:2414879
Little Mermaid/Ariel cosplay for sale

My Ariel costume no-longer fits me and it's such a shame for it just to be sitting in my wardrobe when it could go to a good home. I would just keep it, but am unlikely to fit into it again. It has only been worn a couple of times and has been washed. May need a few small repairs, but should be fine for immediate wear. Wig and tights not included (shoes optional).


Approx size 10. Fits up to 36ins bust (as pictured), but would more comfortably fit 34/35ins (would probably be alright for 33ins as it is stretchy) or could be taken in. Due to an ironing incident the top is now cropped (sorry about the image quality, but it gives the general idea: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v491/MaidenGenisis/Image1.jpg), so make sure to cool iron only or steam.


Approx size 10. Hips I think were 35ins at the time, but again would probably fit 33/34ins slightly better. Again might be alright for 32ins straight off, but could be taken in. Waist is about 29/30ins I think. I'm about 5ft 3ins, but would still fit someone taller or shorter.


Size 5. Silky bridesmaid shoes, very comfy. A little wear and tear (they got rained on, it's called Amecon for a reason), but still perfectly fine. If you want them too the postage may be a little more than for just the skirt and top.


I was thinking of asking £75-80 (depends on if you want the shoes or not) for it purely because it took such a long time to make, but am open to negotiatation.

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