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04 Jan 2017 - 18:55121156
New to the family~(^ω^)
My name is Livvy and nice to meet you! *bows*
Well...uh... I'm always bad at introductions so I'll try and keep this short and not bore you to death^_^
I'm 16 and currently living in Oxford. I've always enjoyed anime and I've always wanted to try cosplaying but since no one I knew is interested in it I've never done cosplaying before. So I'm wondering if there's any people/groups in Oxford that's doing cosplay that I may join? I can travel up to London if there are people/groups there that I may join but probably only during school breaks:/
Btw, I'm not only looking for cosplayers but if you are a fan of anime/Otome/any other Japanese culture related stuff in (preferably) Oxford, London or somewhere around there I would love to get to know you!❤️
And Happy New Year!*\(^o^)/*

04 Jan 2017 - 22:46121157
Welcome to the forums! Who would you like to cosplay?

15 Jan 2017 - 13:42121208
Hi Livvy, have you tried the Oxfordshire and Oxford Cosplayers facebook group? They're strong on anime and nice people

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