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03 Jun 2009 - 00:5415336
I can understand what you are saying and I know people want to let off steam after the event but again it is much better for us to try and address a problem when it happens.

Granted it may be hard for us to find a person without a sniffer dog as you say but we do have crew on hand including Excel Security, Retained security and also our own inhouse security to look after things.

We would love to post up a code of conduct but as I would hope you can see it is purely there for people to choose to abide by or not.

We did stop a number of people over the weekend and I personally stopped a number of people over the weekend who caused problems for Cosplayers and general attendees alike.

We want everyone to have the best experience that they can and we know that will not happen for everyone but we try.

When you say who do you report it to, well ths time around as the ticket and queuing halls were at the front of Excel near the entrance there were crew in there who had radios and YES they would have notified the correct person and it would have been dealt with.

You can also go to the Expo info desk just inside the entrance of the show and they would have contacted the right person as a few people did, so no there would not have been a blank look.

We take complaints very seriously especially if someone is causing a problem for others at the event, we can deal with things swiftly.

You need to remember that we have juridstiction on the entire Excel campus not just in the halls.

The campus extends from past the Crowne Plaza Hotel to the main road one way and up to the Ramada Hotel the other and also to the bridge that crosses the water and to the DLR station.

I understand where you are coming from and accept what you are saying but I would hope you do in return.

I am on hand through out the show if you feel you are not being dealt with properly and so is Brian.

So please do air your problems to us at the show we are there to help.

Hope this helps.



Quote Leadmill:
Not being pedantic but the "why didn't you say something at the time" rhetoric has a few problems with it.

When an incident/whatever occours there are a number of factors in play. A lot of cosplayers are non confrontational and just want a good weekend so will try and ignore whatever has gone on and then mention it on the boards. Also if we should be reporting things then who should we do it to, yourself admin? Con ops or what? Outside the con hall your jurisdiction is limited, and outside the excel centre where most things like the glomping and sign stuff happended, its even more limited. Even Excel security can only do so much.

I can imagine walking up to con op's and saying 'hey theres a guy with a free aids sign damagaing peoples costumes' then getting a blank look from the person behind the desk. Reason being even with the best of intentions how much chance do you think you have of finding said individual, mingled among the huge amount of patrons which you are always keen to mention. Unless you have a crack team of sniffer dogs and gophers with tanks finding the person after something has happened will be tricky.

This isn't a rant its a facing of facts. People air their concerns post con as its the best and most convininent place to do so. People go to enjoy themselves not spend 30 mins of their time looking for an appropriate individual with the nessesary authority to deal with their problem. So they let sleeping dogs lie.

I know little can be done post con but give the posters some credit, they know this. They simply would like tighter rules on this kind of thing next time around. Maybe a code of conduct on the website for future attendees to read, or someone at the entrance to the show with the authority to bar entry or consfiscate people who break the rules.

I know you take criticism onboard, and improvements are made. Looking at the layout and organisation this year it was clear to see, but it really comes off as quite condescending when on the mcm forums all that seems to be said is 'this year we were busier than ever and are the biggest show in the uk', and 'you should have told then'.

06 Jul 2009 - 20:1316788
only just saw this thread here. (..what am I like! ^^)

I didn't manage to get there on Saturday which really peeved me cos I was all ready for the masquerade comp and everything but couldn't get through the crazy London traffic chaos! 2 M-way accidents and roadworks on the North circular. I hear the rail links were down too!
But sunday I did get there and it was great.
I really appreciated the table and mirrors provided in the mens cosplay changing room - Dolling up is so much more easier with these provided. Thanks guys. It's always nice to see your frindly faces at the cosplay desk when I get there. You're the first table I head for.

Masquerade backstage - yes the UK garrison folks were snooty to us when we were rehearsing our skit (our first opp to rehearse it with all of us together) ..Says one anonymous stormtrooper, "Yeah like get the F@@k accros the line!"
So, it didn't ruin our mood. Rather reminded me of an odd American saying, about a guy, a corncob, and his a@@.
All in all a great Expo. ..cept we didn't win ¬_¬ ..but props to Team Rocket ftw!

See ya all next time.

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