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31 May 2009 - 17:5815212
I'm not happy with the fact that the expo admins delete any and all threads that offer any kind of criticism to their event constructive or otherwise. But then bleat for feedback.

While I enjoyed seeing my friends and taking part in the well run masq I still think the event is too crowded. Theres no one keeping track of who is going out and in, its simply 'get as many people' through the door as possible. The expo staff this time around for the most part were polite but I found the UK Garrisson lot be stuck up, especially backstage. You tend to find this alot with semi-professional costumers and it still irritates me.

31 May 2009 - 18:0815214
Quote Leadmill:
I found the UK Garrisson lot be stuck up, especially backstage. You tend to find this alot with semi-professional costumers and it still irritates me.

I didnt attend, so this UK Garrison thing is unknown to me. So can someone explain who are UK Garrison? And what they have they done to be so stuck up? As Ive not really met much stuck up cosplayers myself...

Although from what Ive heard from my brother and others on here, this Expo was still good! Shame I couldn't attend.. But I can totally understand the annoyances here, as most past Expos have had similar issues.

31 May 2009 - 18:4815220
UK Garrisson is like a group of people who have organised group costumes such as Stormtroopers, Jedi, Sith, Ghostbusters, Alien, Predator, etc.

Some members feel that since they have access to their own area backstage and the fact their costumes cost roughly £1k+, they are automatically made superior to everyone else's homemade costumes.

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
31 May 2009 - 19:0615222
that's really quite childish

31 May 2009 - 21:4615239

I would just like to say that we only delete posts if they are not constructive in their content.

We are more than happy for people to tell us if they are not happy, but when the same person says the same thing over and over even after we have addressed it then yes we will delete the thread add a warning or lock it.

This is clearly laid out in the terms and conditions of use of the MCM Expo Board which to be honest is where you should be directing this post and the fact that you did not even attend the event does not really help your argument.

We never shy away from answering any constuctive points made as they can do nothing more than help the event to go forward which we want it to do.

To say we are biased is incorrect but of course you are more than entitled to your opinion, but we strive to put on as good an event as is possible each time.

Each event that takes place brings a new set of issues and I would imagine that will continue to be the case.

If you are not happy with something do you not feel that the most prudent thing to do would to address it on the day both myself 'Paul' or 'Brian are available for eveyone to speak to personally if they feel the need.

Please feel to contact me direct on and I will be more than happy to answer you direct.



Quote Sir_AuronDX:
Although i know it shouldnt be here and i myself wasnt there.

I'd like to see how many of you thought about it...
SJ...you're going to love this:
The admins are deleting negative comments or upsets about the event like the biased people they are

31 May 2009 - 21:5515240
Hi MattDark

Just wanted to answer your post, the layout of tables is worked out and agreed by the health and safety staff within the venue.

You will find that sometimes dealers do move their tables from their original spots.

In relation to Tokyotoys stall you will find we put them a little away from others as they have an island of stalls of their own and they always attract a large crowd so need slightly more space.

The spacing of stands and tables has been worked out over a period of time so we know what works best for flow of people and bottle necks, again this is all cleared with Excel managment.

To be honest we do not cram in loads of stalls there is a method to everything.

The guests are near to the main stage for a reason, to allow easy access to the stage.

They were not right in front of the exit but set back allowing for an exit aisle.

You need to keep in mind that it is always busier on the Saturday than the Sunday so of course the aisle will be busier then rather than the Sunday which allows easier exit space.

We are unable to move the stands once the event is open so we need to take in to account the complete weekend not just one day.

Hope this helps.

If not please feel free to contact me direct on

As I more than happy to hear from you and like to take the time to visit Cosplay Island not hide away.



Quote MattDark:
Thought it was good.

The only comp[laint I really had was the lack of consistancy with the layout of the stalls.

Some, like tokyotoys, had a huge amount of extra space around them. Yet many others, like neon martian, had hardly any space infront of their stand, making it really difficult to move around to certain sections.

Add this to the fact they decided to put some of the 'celeb guests' right next to the exit, didnt help make things any easier and it was sometimes near impossible to get out!

I think they seriously need to let someone else sort out the layout of the hall, rather then just mixing everything up and cramming as many stalls together as possible.

31 May 2009 - 22:0015241
Hi Purplefluffychainsaw

We have had a discussion regarding queues for the Masquerade on the Expo forums and I am sure they will be addressed for the October event.

If you read the Expo boards the Cosplay co ordinators have said they were aware that the Masquerade was going to run over but is it better to disappoint the Cosplayers who have spent so much time and effort putting their performance together?

The Masquerade is so popular now and it may be the case that in future we may even extend the closing time on the Saturday to accomodate the later times involved if the entries continue to grow.

But I am glad that overall you enjoyed it and we look forward to welcoming you back in October.



Quote Purplefluffychainsaw:
My only complaints were that they still really need to get the queuing for the masquerade better organised, and that they should have known that the masquerade was going to overrun, and kept the shuttle buses on for longer. I pity anyone who had to try and get home after saturdays masquerade!

Aside from that, I loved it. It was very busy, but we just stayed out of the hall on saturday and did our shopping on sunday when it was less busy. XD Best expo since May 2007.

31 May 2009 - 22:0715242
Hi AmethystEyes

We do not have any juridstiction over who decides to book a dealers stall at the show, anyone can book a stall.

Look at it this way also we have many Games companies in attendance now offering FREE demos, also a large comic section launched during the show last week.

We realise that some people do not like the FREE Huggers but again do we stop what is a large number of people enjoing the event in the way they want to.

Please tell the people no if you do not want to take part.

If they continue then please go to the large info desk at the entrance to the show and let us know and we will be more than happy to help you.

Hopefully this helps please feel free to drop me an email or better still deal with it on the day and we can do something about it.



Quote AmethystEyes:
My only complaint would be the lack of variation in the stalls, it seemed like a lot of them had merged into one in terms of what they were selling. There was far more anime trinkets than film stuff which I know usually happens but it was really obvious this year.
And of course the amount of free hugs people, especially those who wouldn't take no for an answer. Seriously, why do people still do it? They're attracting the wrong sort of attention and most of them look pretty sad and lonely. I think it's an inevitable part of expo though that we'll never get rid of.

31 May 2009 - 22:1315243
Hi Neko-Chan

We did put on the main London MCM Expo website that the attempt would be on the podium at the front of the Excel Centre from 12 Midday on Saturday.

We are not allowed to put signs up with in the Excel boulevard which is the main drag through the venue which is why you never see any for any shows.

I am sorry that you experienced a problem with information whilst at the event and I can assure you I will personally look into this.

If you have an issue during the show that feel has not been dealt with to your satisfaction then both I and Brian are available to speak to you by going to info desk and asking for us.

I have addressed the stall layout on a previous posting but please feel free to contact me direct if you have any further questions I am more than happy to help.



Quote Neko-Chan:
It was good, but the for the record attempt, the lack of sign's or any contact to the cosplayers to WERE it was being held was awfull, i was sent to the cosplay desk at first because aparetnly it was in there, then from there i was sent back outside, to find there was nothing out there, and after going back inside, to ask at another information desk, they said it was in the tunnel, which was empty when i'd just looked, so after getting lunch, we did go back and there was the HUGE que of people. So the lack of organisation there was a bit bad.

I'd also like to agree on the layout of the stalls, it was all very tight and crowed.

but other than that, both days were fantastic! ^^

31 May 2009 - 22:1915244
Hi Member-XI

As I am sure you are aware we can not stop people totally if they want to run around with signs if you feel irritated by a particular person or group then please go to the info desk within the show and we will be happy to address this for you.

We did take certain T-shirts off of people whilst in the event which were totally not right!

Again I have addressed the stalls, the dealers will always stock what THEY feel they can sell personally, we have no juridstiction over their stock.

But I am glad over all that you enjoyed the event and if it is any help I knocked a branch coming back from the Novotel and a load of the furry things fell on me so it happens to everyone See you in October



Quote Member-XI:
My complaint was the mass amount of signs that were there. I had at least four people shove a sign in my face and ask me for money or food, or just out right hurtling themselves at me because they think 'free hug' signs mean glomping is okay.
One of my friends got a mask that was glued to him, ripped off his face because a sign wielder asked for a hug and when he said yes she took that as 'Feel free to run at me and knock me over.', and left him with a really angry looking patch of skin where it had ripped off.
So my real complaint is that they do something about signs. ;-; Some people are alright with them, but their seems to be an increase of people using them to harass cosplayers and get rude with them. I know they can't police people, but the signs and people who have them are growing each year and its getting too much. I even had a sign holder grab at my chest when he hugged me, asking me "Where are your boobs?". -_-

My other complaint is the stalls. It seemed to be nothing but Naruto, Death note and Bleach. Thats the second expo where I've bought nothing because of the sheer lack of...well... anything else on the stalls. XD

The general atmosphere was great, very hot, but other than those two things it was a good time...Oh except for the crazy caterpillar trees!*dies*I had a huge one on my leg after taking pictures for my friend under them! XD

31 May 2009 - 22:2715245
Quote mcmexpo:
Please tell the people no if you do not want to take part.

Telling free huggers that you don't want a hug has little to no effect. Many of the users of the London Expo boards and/or Cosplay Island have stressed many times that free huggers will just jump onto someone without permission, meaning we have no time to react. You can't say no if someone just jumps on you without asking. I'm speaking from personal experience. I spent close to £70 on one of my cosplays and didn't want to go any near free huggers, so my mission was to avoid them all day, but, as usual, it didn't work. Someone grabbed me from behind and lifted me off the ground, and wouldn't put me down until I told him to f*** off. What exactly am I supposed to do in that situation? It's a bit late to tell that person that I don't want a free hug.

Sadly if I'd gone to the info desk about that, I really feel that little would have been done about it. I can't see you guys going as far as throwing someone out for a supposed free hug when you're not even willing to ban free hug signs from your events.

(I should just stress that this was at a Midlands MCM event, and I was lucky not to suffer any damage to the costume. However, I do know that friends have suffered damage to expensive costumes through free huggers that haven't asked permission, so there you go.)

Last edited by Mungojerrie (31 May 2009 - 22:38)
31 May 2009 - 22:2715246
Hi ryaoki

I am sorry that you did not enjoy the Saturday night party but it was what was on the box as they say.

We did not run a Cosplay Ball as peoples feedback on the boards was that they preferred a bulk standard party/get together,

The Saturday evening is a place for people to get together and a lot of people have given us great feedback and a few pointers for the October one.

I know we will not please everyone but we can only try.


Quote ryaoki:
saturday i got soo irratated with crowding and getting like smoothered inbetween people tht i just went back to the hotel and had a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG BATH lol the point where it was from 2 till 5, then i went back when it was less crowded and bought my stuff haha

expo party all i can say iS NO ONE GO TO IT EVER AGAIN
it wasnt a party it was even worse than a social get together SOOO BORING i had more fun walking back to my hotel room and chasing after the little tabby cat i seen and tryed to pet infront of premiere inn lmao

31 May 2009 - 22:3815248
Hi Amy-Lou

We do have 2 stage areas the main stage and the Anime village stage which was in the top left corner.

We do split talks and panels between them.

The main stage is always going to be the busiest with indusrty panels, guest talks, we have a lot to get in during the weekend and yes the Masquerade is the last thing in the day which is why we may look at keeping the event open slightly later on the Saturday to satisfy demand which has had positive feedbacl from many quarters!

Why would it magically disappear if you posted your comments they have been constructive in their nature?



Quote Amy-Lou:
Quote shigures high school girl:
I noticed at least 10 people over the weekend taking not-very-subtle photos of me without asking.

This happened a few times, just chatting with friends, not even looking at the camera. Then there was the more bizarre version of the people walking round Expo just throwing up the camera as they walked past, not even stopping or lining up a shot. Being flash blind mid-walk in a crowd is not good.

I do think the stage timetable needs some attention. Either less stage events throughout the day, or a second stage to spread them between so one event overrunning doesn't shove back the whole day. It's not fair on the audience/cosplayers/staff/vendors if the day runs late and with the masquerade being the last event of the day (and having heavy demand) it usually gets the blame. Though if I wrote that on the Expo forum I'm sure it would magically disappear.

Huge thanks to the guys running the masquerade, you do a sterling job.

31 May 2009 - 22:4015249
Hi Sean

Thank you for your positive feedback, shame we did not catch up with each other the weekend.


Quote sjbonnar:
Ailsa, I had no experience of the masquerade on Saturday, but on Sunday it was a TOTALLY positive experience, including the queue and the pre-judging. I think you guys did the best job I have ever experienced. There was more space, we all got seats, we were given plenty of water (GunstarVixen told me off for losing my cup LOL), sweets and were constantly checked on to make sure we were ok.

Thank you SO much guys!

31 May 2009 - 22:4115250
Hi CrystalNeko

As I posted on another message we do have 2 stages and the second was on the top left hand corner of the halls.


Quote CrystalNeko:
I swear there used to be more than one stage, I'm going crazy I swear!

Aye the Cosplay Desk were LOVELY! Everybody was oh so friendly and helpful and helped cheered me up on Sunday when my costume was falling apart, thank you Ailsa especially for being really helpful to me! And everybody else for supplying water and sweets, it stopped me from dying XD!

31 May 2009 - 22:4515252
Hi Hexi

Believe it or not their is air conditioning within the venue, the problem is they the more people that are in the halls the hotter it gets and the a/c takes time to react.

You are correct Tokyo Toys are busy, the reason their stand is where it is is, is that they book that space we do not just put people just anywhere it is where they are ask for.

Please feel free to rant at me that is what I am here for you can contact me direct on



Quote Hexi:
i noticed the photo thing too. i was Amulet Dia and people were asking for photos of me with my friend who was Haruhi.
also, alot of people were like "can i take your photo?"
"yeah sure"
"thanks *click* who are you and what anime are you from?"

why take a photo of someone if you don't know where they're from?

It was so unbelieveably hot this year though. i only went on saturday and baked.
my double sided sticky tape sticks everything to anything and it was slipping off my legs because it was so hot. who told me excel building had air conditioning? you need shooting. XD
if it does, it needed turning on.
although i suppose most of the problem had to do with the MASSIVE glass roof....

i didn't think the dealer's room was as good this year. last year had loads of stuff i wanted to buy but this year there wasn't as much and if i did want something it was way too expensive.

ALSO: the guys at the doors were going "keep moving guys, get out of the way to clear the entrance" blah blah blah and TokyoToys stall was RIGHT THERE! it's so popular surely it would help clear the way much better if it was placed slightly further back???
i dunno. i should probably be complaining to the expo people.... XD

rant over

31 May 2009 - 22:4815253
Hi Odd-One-Out


If someone is causing a nuisance we need to know so we can address it!


Quote Odd-One-Out:
There is only one thing that made me feel like punching someone in the face and that is quite a statement since I'm usually a very laidback and calm person.

The group in front of me in the backstage masquerade queue had a guy who was holding a camera.
At first, he kept taking photos of the feet of the girls who were in his skit group, so I thought he had a foot fetish. The girls noticed but didn't seem to bother. He began to take photos of their "front regions between the legs" and the girls started to giggle and fob him off, but didn't act like they were really uncomfortable with it. He moved onto taking photos of their cleavage from a high angle; again they didn't act like they seriously hated it.
This is a very indecent thing to do but as they were a prt of his group/his friends I thought I shouldn't interfere.

The thing that made me want to perform a German Suplex on him was the fact he carried on doing this and moved onto other cosplayers in the masquerade queue who were unfortunate enough to be facing him/facing directly away from him so he could zoom into their cleavage/buttocks. I know quite a few of my friends have fallen victim to this man's dirty attitude towards the general public. I was going to report him to the Expo co-ordinators but the masquerade was about to begin so it would cause a huge inconvenience for everybody and possibly unwanted embarassment.

Name and shame this person: he looked Indian/arabic in nationality, had medium & slightly wavy hair just above his shoulders, was wearing a green blazer and did a dancing skit which was the 5th entry of the 16+ section of the masquerade.

Come to think of it, I should have reported him to the Expo steward on the Sunday.

31 May 2009 - 22:4915255
If those caterpillars had fallen on me like they did on you Paul, i'd have died! XD

Totally understand that you guys can't police everyone about signs and such, there are just too many people around each year

One thing I did like the sound of though was the Expo staff having signs to show people where to go, my friend told me they were really friendly
I was only at Primier Inn so I never saw them, but I think its cool that the expo staff have signs When I went to my first ever con I'd have gotten lost if they hadn't had them up.

The costume repair kit is a good idea aswell, though I've only heard of it via this thread, but it certainly saves people carrying a tonne of sewing stuff and glue around with 'em. XD


http://youtu.be/SYhgRqJeuEo - Convention Etiquette
31 May 2009 - 22:5515257

We have a lot of Security within the event which I head, they are not in uniforms except the ones on the main entrance.

They are not in uniform for a reason to catch the looser thieves that attend the event and try to ruin the experience for both attendees and dealers alike!

If someone has a problem they are but a radio call away!

You would not be able to work on security unless you were SIA registered which all of our team are.


Quote Sir_AuronDX:
Aside from stewards you could do with a bit of security to stop pervy happenings like this. i for one would voulenteer for such work. if it requires me moving around the halls looking for something out of order i'll do it.

31 May 2009 - 22:5815258
Hi Ayazani

There were rail replacement buses put on by the train company and also we ran very frequent dedicated shuttle buses to Excel both days there was two bites of the apple.

We keep getting hit by engineering works as Excel is part of the Olympics and they are getting the lines ready.

Hopefully we will not have this problem in October.

But I am glad you enjoyed it overall.



Quote Ayazani:
Urgh, I onlu just got back from Expo this morning @_@
I would say It was great, but Saturday really dragged it down for me. The queue in the morning was ridiculous, we got there at 7am-ish and still weren't inside by 11...
Reallly overcrowded too. There's just not enough room @_@
And I only went in for a masquerade ticket, which were all gone by the time we did manage to get in.
Dead caterpillars were freaky. XD
I found them all in my bag in the hotel room...YUM.

Sunday was excellent, too hot to wear pvc, but better atmosphere...Although is it just me, or do more and more really strange people come to apparently just stand around and hug?
I'm sick to death of hyped up sugar-hug-bomb-hugs from people I don't know.
Okay, if you come up to me, and know the character and you're simply fanspasming, its a different story. Stop, have a conversation with me, ASK for a picture...
but when a random group of people come up to me brandishing free hug signs I either flee or very quickly look very pissed off. Works well with red contacts and funky forked eyebrows XDD
The only thing I could REALLY complain about though is the travel. @_@
I wonder if its possible mcm could run a few special services to get to it...i can't imagine how stressful it was for people unfamiliar with london to get to Excel with the Jubilee and the DLR down...and Buses are hate! cosplay props sometimes (often) exceed the height, obstruct the passageways...and are downright a pain in the ass.
Need better travel and more space. Also, more masquerade audience places.
Rant done.
This was still probably my favourite Expo, but that would be because of my friends XD
all done.

31 May 2009 - 23:0215259

Believe me there are only 4 to 5 dealers who attend the London MCM Expo that attend Memorabilia so there is quite a difference.

We only hold Memorabilia 2 times a year in March and November.



The strangest thing for me (apart from snowdrifts of caterpillars) was that, really, I found the INSIDE of the expo virtually no different from MCM Memorabilia at the NEC.

In fact, in November, Memorabilia is... Well, bigger in terms of tables. I found the expo had most of the same stalls as appear three times a year at Memro, my friend and I took thirty minutes to look around. Really, apart from the Masquerade and Cosplay Corner... No difference! We were slightly underwhelmed. The cosplay is definately what defines Expo!

What made the weekend for me was the people, the costumes and being in the heart of everything!

31 May 2009 - 23:4215260
Hi Paul,

One of the admins here. I've got to say alarm bells were ringing when I saw all these posts here from you.

But this is all seems to be reasonable constructive feedback by our members and reasonable responses from you, so I'm glad that a civilised discussion is being had here about the event. Seems such a rarity on the internet these days.

01 Jun 2009 - 09:2115262

I am more than happy to answer questions and points raised.

I do try to get around various messageboards as much as I can so that people can see we are interested in hearing from them.

I have noted that a couple of people feel they can not some times post on the Expo message boards so feel they can else where which is fine.

I do not feel it is constructive to hide away or send someone else to answer points raised it is much better to come from the organisers if possible.

Sometims I can not answer every question as it relates directly to Cosplay and we have a great Cosplay team in place who together with us are trying to make it the best event we can.

I am glad you see the answers are helpful and remember feel free to contact me direct if I can help further.



01 Jun 2009 - 13:1015265
Quote Hexi:
i noticed the photo thing too. i was Amulet Dia and people were asking for photos of me with my friend who was Haruhi.
also, alot of people were like "can i take your photo?"
"yeah sure"
"thanks *click* who are you and what anime are you from?"

why take a photo of someone if you don't know where they're from?

I can understand that sometimes. I saw a costume someone was wearing with was really good (Well made and everything) and thought it was worth getting a pic of.

That said, I do agree when it comes to someone just going around taking pictures of people at random, I bet youd find that most people who do this would mainly have pictures of girls.

Current projects:
My Almost Perfect Life - Written out story draft, converting into script.
Netherworld Chronicles - Initinal planning finished, writing first draft.
Urban Warfare - Researching and planning
01 Jun 2009 - 23:0815292
Not being pedantic but the "why didn't you say something at the time" rhetoric has a few problems with it.

When an incident/whatever occours there are a number of factors in play. A lot of cosplayers are non confrontational and just want a good weekend so will try and ignore whatever has gone on and then mention it on the boards. Also if we should be reporting things then who should we do it to, yourself admin? Con ops or what? Outside the con hall your jurisdiction is limited, and outside the excel centre where most things like the glomping and sign stuff happended, its even more limited. Even Excel security can only do so much.

I can imagine walking up to con op's and saying 'hey theres a guy with a free aids sign damagaing peoples costumes' then getting a blank look from the person behind the desk. Reason being even with the best of intentions how much chance do you think you have of finding said individual, mingled among the huge amount of patrons which you are always keen to mention. Unless you have a crack team of sniffer dogs and gophers with tanks finding the person after something has happened will be tricky.

This isn't a rant its a facing of facts. People air their concerns post con as its the best and most convininent place to do so. People go to enjoy themselves not spend 30 mins of their time looking for an appropriate individual with the nessesary authority to deal with their problem. So they let sleeping dogs lie.

I know little can be done post con but give the posters some credit, they know this. They simply would like tighter rules on this kind of thing next time around. Maybe a code of conduct on the website for future attendees to read, or someone at the entrance to the show with the authority to bar entry or consfiscate people who break the rules.

I know you take criticism onboard, and improvements are made. Looking at the layout and organisation this year it was clear to see, but it really comes off as quite condescending when on the mcm forums all that seems to be said is 'this year we were busier than ever and are the biggest show in the uk', and 'you should have told then'.

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