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23 May 2009 - 18:1514804
Cosplay and your age
After turning 23 this year I realise I'm still not the oldest cosplayer out there, some of the people who were cosplaying at Minami 9 (first con personally attended) in their 20s are still doing it now but just wanted the opinion of fellow cosplayers.

When do you think is a good time to say to yourself, "I'm getting a bit old for this, leave it to the bright and bushytailed."?

What are you opinions on people in their early teens cosplaying scantilly clad characters?

Personally I believe you're only as old as you feel and that so long as you aren't puttering about in a Sailor fuku in your 70s then all is well.

It's understandable to want to cosplay your favourite characters but I think perhaps in moderation, taking into account that wearing a DOA volleyball outfit is probably not the best idea when people can be arrested for looking at you.

These are just my opinions, would love to hear yours

23 May 2009 - 18:5214806
Well I think at 16 I am at a great age for cosplaying and have many years of it ahead of me.

But I regret no finding out about it and doing it when I was younger even though I am still young.

But old age shouldn't affect cosplay either. Because you would feel stupid cosplaying Naruto at over 45. You would just alter your cosplay with age.

In your 30s to 40s you could cosplay characters like Auron from FFX and if you are between 50s and 60s even then you could go for Watari death note.

Thankfully when people write the stories to the mangas, games and film's people end up cosplaying to they tend to put in characters of all ages. Otherwise they wouldn't make sense.

All is fine to cosplay at any age just as long as the age gap is appropriate and not morally wrong. If you yourself think cosplaying Naru at 50 years old then surely you aren't so blind to see that you might want to leave that one for home use.

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24 May 2009 - 08:1814814
Yeh I think there are some good cosplays for older people like in Black heaven most of the main characters are over 30 atleast. Just worries me a little to see some very young people in very little clothes, most cons require you to be atleast 16 to enter which I suppose helps.

Do love it when you see cosplays of Shia (pita-ten) etc done by younger people as it looks tres cute

24 May 2009 - 12:5114816
I think i need to see YOU cosplay more in scantily clad costumes~ for the major WINNNNNNNNNNN <3
I think people should be reasonable in their costumes like dont play a 12yr old girl when ur 50 and dont wear f.all when you are 12 but apart from that its not that bad unless of corse youre 500lb and doing a sexy-no-jutsu cosplay.........

26 May 2009 - 21:3414978
i'm 22 on the outside, but in my head im still 15, plus there are too many cosplays i wanna do! so if i must botox, then i will botox! lol, not really! It really doesnt matter what age you are, as there are plenty of characters who are a variety of ages to match. You might be 30 or 40 or 70 but guaranteed there's a character out there who you can cosplay.

26 May 2009 - 21:3614979
Well I'm 23 with a face that still gets me asked for I.D. I'll just do what ever I feel like really. I guess as a Guy it's less of a problem.

26 May 2009 - 23:1814987
I hope 23 isn't too old. I'm 21 and I've only just found out about the wonderful world of cosplay! I hope I've still got a few years in me left.

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27 May 2009 - 00:2814993
We had this thread not so long ago XD

Anyway, I'm 28 and don't imagine I'll stop any time soon, not because of my age at least. I've had to make a slight adjustment to the sorts of characters I look at as having cosplay potential (fare thee well, Toph and Molly, *sniff*) but as long as I enjoy cosplay and am still physically and financially capable of doing it, my age won't have any bearing on whether or not I do it.

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27 May 2009 - 10:2415002
I started cosplaying at 11 and i've been doing it for almost 5 full years now, I know I still have a long Cosplay life ahead of me.

But age shouldn't matter.

The Warhammer group I was in? The Pirest of Sigmar is in his 40's and the Chaos champion in his late 30's and they never got told they looked 'too old' to cosplay.

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27 May 2009 - 11:0015007
It's been four years since I started cosplaying (so I was 17) and I'm not planning on stopping any time soon! Different ages mean you can cosplay different things IMO ^_^

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27 May 2009 - 11:0815008
As much as I may hate to admit it (and contrary to popular belief) I am closer to 40 than I am to 30

I have been cosplaying less than two years but when I want to make a costume I just choose one that I like regardless of how old/young the character is. I understand that Lina Inverse is aged between 15 and 18 (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) so if that's the case then I'm over twice her age! But I didn't let that get in the way - I wanted to cosplay her and I really enjoyed it

I felt all young again - and that's a nice feeling!

By cosplaying the character you are basically portraying them - so you adopt their nature etc. regardless of your own age. Well that's my opinion anyway

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27 May 2009 - 11:5115009
ive only been cosplaying properly for a few months now and im 14. age shouldnt be a problem, along as youre having fun ^^
though, there are some cosplays which i think i cant do because of the character age or what theyre wearing :S

27 May 2009 - 12:2815010
I'm 27, I'm not the prettiest or slimmest girl around, but I intend to cosplay whichever character I feel like, regardless!! =3

27 May 2009 - 12:3415011
I properly started cosplaying when I was 17. I'm 18 now so it's not that far back. Although I'm seeking to get many younger characters done while I'm still have youthfulness in me. I'm due to keep looking older until my 20s where I'll look the same for the next 20 years. At which point I'll settle into the role of doing evil looking adult characters. XD

The major problem that causes the 'too old to cosplay' mentality is that the majority of anime (that are shown and are popular) have main characters that are of school age. But there are still plenty of shows out there with adult characters.

27 May 2009 - 19:3015038

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27 May 2009 - 19:3315039
Quote sherbetsprite:
I'm 27, I'm not the prettiest or slimmest girl around, but I intend to cosplay whichever character I feel like, regardless!! =3

You may have a few years more experience than the average female cosplayer, but there is doubt that your heart is thoroughly in the right place!

I wish more cosplayers had your attitude...

27 May 2009 - 22:5615045
I'm 24 years young and I'm certainly not planning on giving up anytime soon, its just so much fun and Ive had so many great experiences thanks to this amazing hobbey!!

28 May 2009 - 11:1015055
I started a week before my 24th birthday, and I will be turning 26 this year. I have no intention of stopping!

Over time I might adjust my choices, no 14 year old girls for example, but that's mostly due to my height rather than age!!

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28 May 2009 - 21:1615081
I'm going to be 27 this year (which is pretty darn scary) and you know what i'm looking forward to cosplaying older characters!

(I've already started, cosplaying Dr Tenma who's in his 30s)

I usually prefer cosplaying older looking characters anyway, younger characters just don't suit me very well most of the time

And i look forward to the day when i can cosplay Kouga Danjo XD

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28 May 2009 - 23:0915084
Hmm, started in 2001ish, took a break as I got more into lolita fashion and then got back into it again recently. I'm 27 now, tho' most people don't realise it ♥

But yeah, cosplay, loli fashion, everything - all depends on the choices you make. You can do any hobby you want for as long as you want, but you may need to adjust the characters/costumes/outfits/style you go for if you want it to be most flattering for your looks at the time ^^

Not to say that any costume should be completely off limits, but well... if test shots make people run away screaming, then you should reconsider, if you know what I mean, LOL!

(EDIT: Unless that's the effect you're going for, haha o.O)

You can look a little too old or a little too young for certain characters... but that's like the body shape and height issue. Make up, clever undies, good tailoring and all the other tricks can work wonders! ^^ If you're a good cosplayer, you are a good cosplayer. Everything else isn't as important.

But really, really young kids cosplaying very sexy characters? THAT always creeps me out. *shivers* urgh.


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29 May 2009 - 01:1515091
i was 30 when i "cosplayed" for the first time (granted, i'd had costume experience before that, but never particular characters).

i see it as my current "main" hobby, and one that has grasped my interest harder than most previous to it. it allows me to express my strong creative side, and my desire to show people something they may never have seen before. as such, i expect that it's a hobby that is either here to stay, or will eventually (or should i say "hopefully" evolve into a career in costume making.

no creative craftwork should be "age restricted". if you enjoy something, and no harm is being caused to yourself or others, a number shouldn't dictate when that enjoyment ends, your interest should.

29 May 2009 - 07:0615095
ive been cosplaying since october 2006, but only started making my costumes from full scratch over a year ago(first one was gohan) well, what ones i HAVE finished lmao , hopefully this year im gonna get all mine out on the deadlines and get back into cosplay as of ive been out of it for ages now, doin odd bits on costumes but not actually finishing, havent made a full costume from scratch since urahara which was last year so i hope when i return people will like some of my work,i had a confidence knock last year hence bein put off doing some, but this year im back, on a diet too and trying to be as confident as i can be and doing weird characters that dont see me but i like like szayel, so wish me luck, i dont know when id stop cosplaying but its really something i feel at home with and all the people i meet, and so easy to get on with people and create long lasting friends. its all such a good experience and this is why i love it. if i do ever stop cosplay i hope to start again when im 90 and have a 50 inch long beard to do yamamoto from bleach lmao

29 May 2009 - 10:2215104
well I started cosplaying when i was 16 at an American Con and im now 20 ^,^ tbh I still get the rush of enjoyment from waiting in the que for my con-badge or in line for the dealers room or autograph signing I guess its just one of those things

29 May 2009 - 18:1315145
I'm 21 but I look NOTHING like my age and I get asked for ID all the time ^^;

29 May 2009 - 19:0715152
Personally I think there will be a time when I will think 'ok, this is just weird now...I have to stop.' Don't get me wrong, I respect everyone who has the guts to cosplay, and I might feel differently when I'm older anyway, but from my perspective as a 16 year old, I think there will come a time in my mid 20s when I either won't have the time, or I'll just feel like I can't do it any more. I love sewing, and cosplay has shown me that, and I expect I will still sew, but I think there is a time when I will look at myself and think 'grow UP already.'

Ok that sounds REALLY bad, reading over it. I really don't want to sound like I'm attacking anyone over 25 or anything like that, if you're brave enough to cosplay I have nothing but respect for you and it will look awesome I bet (and I'm not saying 25 is old either). Thats just my view on myself personally, its nothing about you. Please don't take offense ^_^"

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