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21 May 2009 - 16:5014765
New Haruhi Suzumiya Episodes...
...have started airing.

For those who do not know...tbh I may not know the full story myself...but in Japan there was speculation that a 'new series' would start in April time when the Spring Anime season started. Broadcasters denied this but still put forth a '28 episode' rerun of the original series...of 14 episodes.

There were wild rumours that todays episode would be a new one after some sightings of the episodes name on some websites which apparently corresponded to one of the strories.

Turns out they were right. A new episode aired...something about a Bamboo?

Now personally I'm not a gigantic fan as a lot of people are. The whole secrecy thing is a bit crap if you ask me, maybe the rabbid fans like it, but I just think its bad marketing to deny such a thing. I dunno.

Anyway, just in case any of you are big Haruhi fans and have been awaiting a second series (or at least new episodes), they do exist.

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