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20 May 2009 - 23:2514706
ice claws
I need to make an ice claw for my Mizore cosplay

I want them to look accurate and like real ice, but also want to be able to move my fingers about

So I decided to start off with a glove and work the claws around each finger

But I'm not sure what to use to make the claws light-weight and easy to stick on the gloves (without any chance of falling off preferably ^^" ) and also make to make them durable (I'll be wearing them all day so I need to make sure they don't break on me)

Any ideas?





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23 May 2009 - 22:2614809
Theyd be really hard to make i guess but theyd look accurate XD
Probably could get someone to custom make them if you were that stuck
Id probably try to make a frame out of wire and stick plastic sheets over it? or like cut sheets of laminate plastic out in the shape u need and glue them together?

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