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25 Sep 2016 - 18:26120863
How do you keep long wigs from knotting? x
We all have dread wearing long wigs when cosplaying, knotting wig is the worst when your walking around con. Im going to be wearing a longish wig for a cosplay but it always knots when its down straight, i was wondering if anyone knew any tips or tricks i could use so i can wear this wig down without it knotting up all day.

Platted the wig in the meantime like this to stop it getting messy lol,
Ty :3 x

26 Oct 2016 - 19:43120922
There is stuff in a bottle called "Control Wig Spray 3 in 1 formula. (google it) I got mine off ebay as a two set, one bottle of spray with spritzer nozzle and one bottle shampoo. It is made for synthetic and human hair wigs. Dont put too much on tho. A little goes a long way - just lightly mist it over the wig on your wig stand and it will coat the fibres. It seems to have some sort of slippery stuff in it. Also helps detangling old wigs in need of tlc.

Also be careful when combing long wigs - always comb down starting near the bottom and work your way up to the crown. Never tug. And use a wide spaced comb - I found an afro pick works the best.

17 Mar 2017 - 23:13121590
Properly maintaining the wig before hand should help a great deal. It's also always best to make sure you use the right solution to keep it properly moisturized to deter tangling

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