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17 Nov 2008 - 17:407675
1. Chaos - Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
I fail, because I'm actually doing my dream costume this time. I'm kind of forcing myself to make it because otherwise I'll just go 'but wouldn't it be cool if I was Chaos?' for ages...

2. Ryoko - Tenshi Muyo
I really love her; she's awesome. I haven't played a female character for a long time, but I'd love to be Ryoko.

3. Urd - Oh! My Goddess
By the same strain as above. She's awesome.

4. Sephiroth - Female version
I think this is insane, yeah, but Sephiroth has such a manly chest, he'd be impossible for me. Now intentionally twisting he into a she? I could have fun with this costume.

5. Remus Lupin - Werewolf form
Okay, I lie - I hate the movie version of Remus. But I do want to make a fursuit werewolf. Unfortunately, I'm not talking about a simple fursuit - I'm talking about a seven foot tall fursuit built around a frame that's supported on my shoulders, snake-turning head, opening and closing and snarling mouth and blinkable glowing eyes. All this with inverted legs that hide my own and a tail that moves of its own accord... Yeah. Dream costume for sure.

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18 Nov 2008 - 13:057682
Alucard: Well this hopefully will be done for fuyucon 2009 its the costume i was destined to wear, I can do the voice pin perfect

Vash The Stampede: I love him ok I dont look like him at all i mean im pretty big but I really need to do him.

Lust: I really want to crossplay this will be my first for fuyucon.

The Joker: Ive now made the waistcoat and got the makeup down perfect, but im hopeing to get the rest for Fuyucon.

Kamen Rider Kiba: its never going to happen but its my fantasy

18 Nov 2008 - 17:087691
1) Lara Croft

She's been my role-model since I was 5 and she's amazing. The problem is I don't feel pretty enough or confident in myself to be her especially when I'm flat chested and she's... well... not. I know stuffing is possible, but even then I don't feel like I could live up to her awesomness >_<

2) A female versio of Dante from DMC

Devil May Cry is my favorite game so it's always tempting. I'm not into crossplaying though, but doing a female version might be fun. However Dante is sex on legs which means any female counterpart would also need to be... and well I'm not >_<

3) Gloria from Devil May Cry

Ahahaha do I even need to explain why I haven't done this? She became strangely appealing once I found out... well I won't spoil it... and though I hated her to begin with her outfit... minus a few things is growing on me. I'd love to be able to cosplay strong female characters, but being introverted and flat-chested I seem to fall at the first post T_T I'm tall enough to be her though so that's a start I guess?

4) Clare from Claymore

She's amazing and cool and so pretty! However spandex and flat-chestedness and my inability to deal with wigs once again hinder me. Also perscription coloured contacts cost a bomb >_< Maybe when I have the time and money?

5) LeeLoo from the fifth element.

Not as hard at the others, I have her figure so that's a start, just not got around to it yet >_<


Curiosity killed the cat~

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