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13 Sep 2016 - 13:20120829
Nausicaa cosplay help
Hello there. I'm looking forward a tutorial (may it exist somewhere on earth) explaining how to realise the hat, chest and legs of Nausicaa (see picture).

It's been now a few months i'm searching all over the web but i'm unable to find any explanation (mainly patterns) except some advice on fabric to be used.

I'm a rookie when it comes to cosplay. I've never done any cosplay before but i've been an anime addict for many years and still am. I have two daughters now and decided to make a mononoke costume for my older (7 years old) and the second one (5 years old) is amazed by Nausicaa (I know I know, they aren't on age to watch such anime movies but still...).

So, to make a long question short, is there any tutorial around you guys may know and do you think this kind of costume (Nausicaa) could render well on a kid?



15 Sep 2016 - 08:05120837
Hi, can you sew?

If you can't, get these:



And dye them light blue using Dylon washing machine dye. Then you can cut the peak off the cap and cut the flaps to suit the shape you want use this technique to hand sew the flap hems - just notch all the way round, fold under, and sew.


The other details can easily be done with mirror cardboard and craft foam. Have fun!

16 Sep 2016 - 07:23120840
Thank you for your answer.
I cannot sew, never done such thing before. But i'm pretty good at crafting things. I guess i'll have to involve my wife on this and ask her to sew for her babies .

Anyway, you gave me a good idea with those kids coveralls.

I'm very surprised with the lack of tutorials for Nausicaa's cosplay while there are tons of tutorials for the other Ghibli anime movies.


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