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18 May 2009 - 16:1614567
London Expo Kamina wig crisis!
Hey all! I've got a bit of an emergency situation here and thought I'd seek some help!

I'm just finsihing up my kamina cosplay for the London Expo this coming weekend, and I recieved my wig in the post this morning... Unfortunatly they sent me a black one instead of a blue one >.<

This was the wig I was supposed to be getting...

I was just wondering if anyone was going to the Expo who might have a similar spare wig they'd be willing to sell/lend me? I hate to spam the forums with my COSPLAY DRAMAS, but I've worked really hard on this costume and I'd hate to miss out on some group photoshoots because of this >.< So yeah, if there any of you out there with cupboards of spare wigs, I'd be very greatful for the help!

Here's what the costume looks like thus far.

Thanks all!

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