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11 Nov 2007 - 16:39888
Hello! So what does this button do...
Hello =)

I have finally got back online and able to use cosplayisland! It looks fantastic It is great to see so many members on here ^__^

I have started on my 2008 costumes now...no doubt cons and events will creep up fast!


11 Nov 2007 - 17:13889
Took you long enough!!

Glad to finally see you around and I can't wait to see your next costumes

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11 Nov 2007 - 20:47893
Fashionably late~

Good to see you on the site with your awe-worthy RPG cosplay *love*

11 Nov 2007 - 20:56895
Kya! Just looked at your cosplays and they're so amazing! =D
Welcome to the site ^^

12 Nov 2007 - 12:24904
Tch, it only took you, what, 3 months to log on and upload some costumes after registering! Glad you could make an appearance, my dear

Seriously, great to have you on the site and all enthusiastic about cosplay again! Cannot wait to see you starting your projects for next year, you must keep us updated. I shall be putting up progress for our Amecon pairing as soon as I've got test pieces that actually work XD

13 Nov 2007 - 09:07929
Thanks so much for your comments

Kat - Really looking forward to progress pictures! I am so hyped about next year's coslpay ^__^

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13 Nov 2007 - 10:49935
Welcome to the site! I think I saw you at the FFXII launch in London, but I was only there briefly so I could be wrong LOL

CosplayIsland Staff Member

13 Nov 2007 - 12:40939
Thank you ^__^

I was indeed at the launch as one of the cosplay winners It turned out to be quite a busy event!

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