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15 May 2009 - 19:3414434
Hatsune Miku Wig/ Bangs
Okay, so I've had a little look around wigs to use for Miku, and the longest I could find was 'Amanda' on Cosworx. It's 48" long but it doesn't have any bangs D:

The link is here; http://www.cosworx.com/product.php?productid=26180&cat=2471&page=1 and I'd be getting it in light blue, but what I was wondering is would it matter if I didn't have the bangs? Other than the lack of them, the wig is pretty much the best I've found.

And if the bangs are a must-have, could anyone instruct me on how to go about it??

There's a reference here; http://blog.otakuness.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/vocaloid-miku.jpg

I'm only worried because I've only ever tampered with a wig ONCE, and it was horrid >.<

15 May 2009 - 19:3614435
I got my Hatsune wig from cosplaywigs on ebay... they are spot on and very good quality ^^ You can go for a light blue or a jade green and they are around 43 pounds including postage and packaging...

The wig is a good length but will tangle easily at a convention... you best bet is to ask sephnoir on here, as they may have some answers about cutting bangs for you .

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15 May 2009 - 20:2514440
Hmm, I've only used Ebay Once so i was tempted to give it anther go, I'm just being cost-concious I think :s Although if postage is free!! I had a browse and i admit I did like what I saw

15 May 2009 - 20:5614445
Amanda is a really good choice, cosworx do some great stuff. In terms of colour however, they have recently changed their light blue so it won't be as close to Miku's colour as it used to be. You can see the new colour compared to the old here:

For the bangs you're in luck because the parting continues into them. If you go for the wig then you'd just need to trim the front section so you get the bangs. Use vertical cuts with a good pair of scissors starting off longer than what you need it to be, that way if you make a mistake you've got enough to even it out.

Are you going to be doing the bunches or just leaving it down? If you're leaving it down then go for Amanda, the colour will be just a little off but you'll have a good wig for sure.
If you're going for the bunches too then I would rethink going with cosworx just to save yourself the money. From what you said I'm guessing you don't have a great deal of experience with wigs and probably don't realise that you're not going to be able to just put it up in bunches as is.

The way wigs are made, it's not possible to add another parting, in this case a back parting for the bunches, without using extra hair (known as wefts). If you try to just put a normal wig into bunches you'll be left with some extremely unsightly gaps all down the back.

As far as I know there are currently no wigs long enough in the right colour for Miku which gives you two options;
Add wefts into the wig to create a back parting, or buy a wig with a back parting and dye it.
As has already been mentioned, cosplaywig do sell a Miku wig but with clip on bunches which I'm personally not a fan of as it completely lacks a back parting and uses just a short wig as a base and obviously isn't as accurate as a wig with the right parting.

If you wanted to go for a back parting then you've got a few options.
$107 - Cosworx obviously have the wig in the right colour but only do wefts in 24 inches so you'll end up with two different lengths if you went for a longer wig.

$70 plus dye - Zhenna do a 51 inch wig with bangs however it doesn't come in the right colour nor does it have a back parting. For this one you'd need to add in the wefts for the parting and dye it the right colour. It's a good one to use for bunches and dye jobs as it's fairly easy to mod and takes my dye very well.

$75 plus dye - Cosplaywig also do a wig not in the right colour but it does come with a back parting. With this one you'd need to take out the style it comes with, dye it and then put it back in bunches.

I would personally go for the cosplaywig one and dye it. While cosworx comes in a colour close to Miku's they are the most expensive option around and doesn't come with a back parting and would give two length bunches. The cosplaywig one requires the least effort and you'll have the best parting for the bunches.

As for actually doing it, you can either do it yourself or commission it. Doing it yourself is really not too hard as long as you've got a wig head, some pins, a good brush and somewhere to dye the wig. If you didn't want to attempt mixing the dye yourself you can buy pre-made dye that is mixed to the shade you need.

If you need anymore help feel free to drop me a line. ^^ I'm currently taking orders for July/August onwards and sell pre-made dye including custom colours.

15 May 2009 - 21:4314447
Haha you're spot on with guessing im totally inexperienced with wigs!!

Well I saw these two and was kinda pleased but I'm not sure now you've explained in more detail about the partings and such...



Would either of these work or should I stick to the cosplay one?? Becausse I think so far I liked that one the most


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15 May 2009 - 21:5214450
I think the first one would be ideal! It's spot on the right colour and you've got the parting in the back too for a lot less! I would definitely go for that over them all.

17 May 2009 - 10:5214503
For what it's worth, I second SephNoir all the way on everything that's been said ^___^ (If you do need a hand Fables, just hit me up because I'm in the city and don't mind looking over what you've done if you get stuck ^__^)

xx Tetra xx
18 May 2009 - 19:3414580
Arggh thanks guys ^^,
I didn't want to order without getting someone elses opinion and its an added bonus theres people like you around who know wigs! First one it is

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