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10 May 2009 - 16:5114199
Glove help !!
hay im hoping you can help me

im currently making Lighting from FF13 cosplay and im totaly stuck with the gloves the 1st ones i made were baggy and fell apart when i was trying to make them fit so now im trying to make new ones again from scrach is there an easy way to make them?
Or should i just buy a pair of royal blie gloves and just mod them ?

any help will be greatly appreciated

thanks Ash x

10 May 2009 - 17:0514200
i'd honestly just buy the best matching gloves you can and mod them, gloves are jsut too fidley and if the stitiching not done right they will fall apart the instant you move your fingers in them XD

10 May 2009 - 17:5014201
What i did was demolished a glove carefully, unstitching it, then used it as a template for the pair of gloves i was making. The gloves I used as a template weren't stretchy so the ones i made out of polycotton fitted fine.

I dunno about anyone else but i have lots of spare winter gloves sitting around xD

10 May 2009 - 17:5014202
Gloves are a real pain in the behind to make - this is said from experience X_x;

If I were you I would buy and modify the gloves! If not then the way I made the gloves was to map out my hand and cut to pieces, for the fingers you need to add an extra panel to each side otherwise the gloves just won't work and will look odd because they won't fit properly.

That's the jist of it - it's much easier said than done and requires quite a bit of patience!! If you do make gloves, do yourself a favour and use stretchy fabric like cotton jersey!!! I would've used stretchy fabric myself but I was being stubborn and wanted the fabric to be exactly the same as the trouser material - which was polycotton. So I had a lot of "fun" making gloves out of non-stretch material >_>; [I succeeded in the end!]

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