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08 May 2009 - 13:4514128
How can I do Mitsuki's hairstyle?
I'm gonna do a Mitsuki Koyama cosplay from Full Moon, but I'm unsure of how to do the hair.

08 May 2009 - 16:3214137
Do you have a reference pic?

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08 May 2009 - 17:0314140
With your own hair or with a wig? Also, it’s helpful to post a reference image for those unfamiliar with the character!

For natural hair, there's helpful discussion of how to do it here, some of the links no longer work, but you could contact the girls who successfully managed it. It's certainly possible, but needs styled each time you wear the costume. You could also use extensions to make the curls to clip in to your hair (as described below for a wig) and then have the rest of your hair French braided to keep it mostly hidden or something.

With a wig, it’s probably more work to style, but at least you only need to do it once. You will need a wig already parted at the back, or to part one yourself. If you’re unwilling to have a parting, the curls could be made as separate pieces, and then sewn or clipped to a short wig.

The curls can be fixed using hairspray and/or clear drying glue, wrapping the hair around a tube that‘s the right size to hold it in place until it dries. You can even use thread to help keep them in place as in this tutorial, and/or by sewing the curls to the rest of the wig in places for support. Depending on the base wig you start out with, it might be helpful to sew in extra wefts for making the curls, or even to stub the ponytails and attach the curls as an entirely separate piece.

I think that covers just about every possibility!

17 May 2009 - 12:2914509
Oh she is just adorable and I love her hair! Right, I think Angelphie said everything that I would say but here goes nothing:

Base wig:: For a base wig you're going to need one that can be parted at the back (which means buying one that's already parted, or using extra wefts to create the back parting yourself). It's hard to explain how I create a back parting without step by step pictures, so urm, perhaps asking SephNoir might be a good idea too- I'm pretty sure we will both use similar methods ^__^

Styling: Curls can be created byt the hot water method, which is my favoured method and stays in place easily and is best for creating this type of curl, or I've heard some people like to wrap the fibres around a dowel or otherwise as you would with the hot water method, but just spray it with loads and loads of hairspray instead. OR they put the fibres in curlers and spray the hell out of it. I do still prefer the hot water method and would recommend it easily. There are lots of tutorials online, so I won't bother typing one out because they're easy enough to find! "...And sewing is half the battle!" have one if you can't find one. (I wouldn't go for the stubbing idea on this one because it might look a bit unnatural. Just make sure that the hair ties are tight in place and it should be fine ^__^)

Colour: I'm not sure what colour her hair is as the picture I have here is black and white, but you should try to get a wig that's the right colour before you start if you don't want to be messing around buying wig dyes and suchlike!

Hope something here helps ^__^

xx Tetra xx
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