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06 May 2009 - 20:3414046
Cosplay Scotland
I'm looking for cosplayers in Scotland (Never have guessed that, would you? ) who would be interested in joining a group for regular cosplay meet ups. I've created this group for anyone to join, and basically once we have enough members we'll start arranging meet ups! So join up and introduce yourself, tell people etc, and we'll see you soon. ^_^

06 May 2009 - 20:4814048
Hehehe, dude, you know there's already a Cosplay Scotland meetup group in existence, aye?

~Auchinawa Chairman

~Auchinawa - Scotland's Anime Convention~
08 May 2009 - 00:1414115
Yes I do, and we haven't heard anything about any meets or suchlike since about december last year, which is why I'm trying to get something together again. ^_^

08 May 2009 - 08:3214121
Yes, Cosplay Scotland has been quiet, but wouldn’t it make more sense to get in touch with the organisers and sort something out with them? Much better and easier to continue an existing group rather than starting from scratch.

08 May 2009 - 09:5414123
there is a cosplay scotland ??

never even knew this lol

08 May 2009 - 16:5514141

As you can tell from the thread, it’s been fairly inactive for quite a while, but we want to do something about that. There used to be monthly meet-ups in Edinburgh or Glasgow, for socialising, shopping and photoshoots. After exam time and when the summer holidays start up, I think it’s likely it can be started up again, so keep an eye out!

09 May 2009 - 22:3814177
I'm not starting from scratch, I'm seeing if I can find some more members, maybe arrange a meet soon. The Facebook page does say that it's the same group as the one on LJ.

EDIT: Just noticed that the LJ link hasn't gone up for some reason :/ Fixed!

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10 May 2009 - 02:1114180
I'd love more scotland cosplay
might sign up at some point

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