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05 Nov 2007 - 03:56791
I'm Really not that evil.....
Well, I have been on this site for a while now, But I haven't gotten around to introducting myself yet!

So here goes,

My name is Alexandra, though most people call me Lex! I've been cosplaying for around 4 years now and I started going to conventions about 2 years ago. My first being Ayacon!

I'm a Complete CLAMP addict! With my favourite character being sakura!

I hope to talk to lots of new peeps at up and coming new cons! Hope to see you soon!


05 Nov 2007 - 05:02792
Hiya, and welcome to the Island (even though you technically joined before me XD)

I saw your Trinity Blood cosplay on Satuday at the October Expo. You most definitely deserved to win

Hopefully I'll run into you at future Expos.


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05 Nov 2007 - 05:30793
but but but your name said your evil???
i don't know what to believe :S

great costumes btw they are on a whole other level of cosplaying i hope to be as good as you some day

it was great to get to chat to ya a little at expo and your a Bleach fan Yays!!

come to think of it you didn't seem evil then

05 Nov 2007 - 05:57794
well hello there lex ^_^ nice to see you on this forum

U may rember me, then agen you may not im the cosplay dressed up as vincent or cloud at amecon and expo i talk to u some what and you costume are truly inspiring and im all ways impressed with each costume you make.
Cant wait to see your next cosplay ^_^

05 Nov 2007 - 06:20795
I see you finally got around to making an intro post then

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05 Nov 2007 - 16:08796
hey lex, i saw you at ame hanging around for the cosplay comp on saturday morning

05 Nov 2007 - 19:10797
I saw you at the Expo in October great costume!

"I am my only master" - Julians Gift, The Forbidden Game - LJSmith
05 Nov 2007 - 20:00799
You and Efia came first and second at May MCM Expo and October MCM Expo I believe ^_^'

You were the Sakura with the awesome wings in May right? ^_^ And the Trinity Blood cosplayer? The detail on that was amazing!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

05 Nov 2007 - 20:00804

OMG! I remember seeing you in May! =D Your Sakura cosplay as just incredible! And I swear I saw your Tsubasa Sakura in Oct xD... And from pictures of your Trinity Blood cosplay it looks sooo incredible! Makes me wish I could have seen it in person by going on the saturday! xP. [i used the word incredible instead of awesome... wow that's a change! XD]

Anyhoo... welcome to cosplay island xD

05 Nov 2007 - 20:47807
You girl, have mad skillz~

*^___^* I can't wait to see your next costume.

07 Nov 2007 - 18:15829

Looking forward to meeting up with you again, probably at Ame, unless Joe drags me to another expo...

07 Nov 2007 - 20:09833
Sorry missy, but anyone who can sew that amount of applique that neatly HAS to have some deal with the Devil!

Anyway, we dont discriminate against evil here, so make yourself at home anyway. You dont need me to go on about how much I love your costumes, I've done that enough in person already Just cant wait to see what you turn up with next!

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