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02 May 2009 - 21:0413781
Dying wigs?
Hey I know this is a long shot but does anyone know if its possible to dye wigs?

I'm assuming that the answer is no because they're synthetic fibres rather than real hair but I wanted to know because I found a blonde wig that would be perfect for my Black Lady cosplay Black Lady Wig
I thought I might try dying it rather than getting a pink wig and possibly having huge problems styling it. I'm still gna do this if theres no alternative but I just wondered if I could get around the styling (as though I'm a girl styling hair is one thing I dont do)

03 May 2009 - 09:2813791
If I were you I would get a pink wig and style it, but then again I'm good at styling wigs so I'm biased XD I'm sure SephNoir would say much the same thing ^^ It's harder to dye wigs that have already been styled for a couple reasons: 1) they already have colour pigments that you need to colour over, 2) they might have glues and products in them that keep the style in place and this could make the dye job clumpy or streaky... and there are a couple more.

You can't use normal hair dye on a wig because normal hair dyes are designed to work with the hair's natural oils and construction which wigs don't have: wigs are basically plastic. For this reason you can only colour over the colour that is already there. For shorter wigs, people can hand-colour it with a permanent marker like a sharpie (this makes me laugh because I can't imagine myself having the time and patience for this!), but you can also get sharpies and permanent ink markers that you can unscrew and get the ink out of. Mixing an alcohol based dye with this ink is one of the easiest ways to dye a wig.

There are also a variety of websites that sell specialist dyes designed specifically for wigs. I don't sell the dye mixes I make, but I know that a lot of wig commissioners do so have a look around ^^ If in doubt of the quality, I'm sure someone here will be able to tell you if the website is reputable or not. I think SephNoir sells her wig dyes too ^___^

xx Tetra xx
03 May 2009 - 11:4613800
Thanks I knew I wouldnt be able to use normal hair dye. I may consider using a sharpie as I suppose the dying process going slightly wrong maybe be better than burning the wig with curlers or something I saw on the website of the other wig I thought of getting you can style it under 130c but I still dont trust myself. I have a hard enough time with my own hair ^^;

03 May 2009 - 12:1813801
Have a look at Angelphie's wig tutorial on this site, that talks about wig dying. I'm fairly sure professional only do that wig in pink anyway.

Hmm, seems not at the moment. However these two might do you:



and I'm sure there must be an article on styling meatballs into a wig somewhere online.

03 May 2009 - 14:0013802
Completly agree with you Tetra ^^

I wouldn't even try to dye a styled wig, the fact that you need to wash it out gives you a high chance of completely destroying the style.
Tbh using sharpies with a wig that length is going to be horribly time consuming.

As Tetra said, if you can find a wig in the right colour then I'd go for that one. If not, I would take the style out (it's looking pretty messy in the photos anyway) dye it and then restyle it.

Odangos are fairly easy to do, even the oval like Black Lady. The stubbing method works the easiest really. You put the hair in bunches, cut off the tails so you're left with just stubs and glue the end to stop it coming out of the bunches. Get two oval shaped foam balls (you can get them on ebay) and hollow out the top and bottom so the bottom will fit over the stub on the wig and the top is large enough for what you've cut off to fit inside. Then carefully fold the fibres over the ball and tuck the extra inside the bottom hole and glue it down. Once you've covered the whole ball you can glue it over the stub.
For the streamers, before you attach the ball to the stub glue the fibres for the streamers into the bottom.

03 May 2009 - 15:3213808
Odangos are pretty easy, you could use that method or you could actually just seperate out the hair in half and leave some of it for the tail and create the bun on top of it if you wanted to be able to take it out again. Depends on how cartoony you want to be getting ^___^

Colouring that wig by hand is going to be a terrible pain though, I'd definitely go for getting a wig the right length and colour and styling it yourself if you can ><

xx Tetra xx
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