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02 May 2009 - 07:4913765
plushie help!
Im going to be making my first plushie soon and would like a couple of tips on wot type of fabric would be good to use and any good websites for tips......
im trying to make a bri (appleseed) plush.
any tips on wot stitches are good would be helpfull to as i have no sewing machene.....

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02 May 2009 - 13:1113772
It really depends on how detailed or simple you want it, since some stitches can help with applying details and such. It also depends on how good you are at plushie making, if you're not very good then you may want to stick to something simple, if you think you have the skills then you can attempt something more detailed.

I'm think felt would work but it loses it's shape when it stretches. Fleece is good too since you don't have to hem it. I can't really suggest much cause I'm still a beginner myself ^^;
As for stitches, use the backstitch (i think that's what it's called) for most of the sewing and the ladder stitch for stitching up the gap you have to leave when you turn it and fill it with fluff. Gathering stitch is used mostly for gathering up the material for a 'scrunched' look (kinda like when you see the top of a skirt is scrunched when it has elastic in it)

I find that teddybear and ragdoll making books come in handy concerning stitches and material since the ones I have have a list of stitches and how to do them. I don't know where my books are tho but if I do find them I can give you the ISBN number so you can order them online or borrow them from the library :3

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